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Terms of endearment: Ellen Adarna calls ‘baby love’ John Lloyd Cruz her ‘bloggerjowa’

Image: Instagram/@maria.elena.adarna

Is this a confirmation that they are now officially together?

Kapamilya sexy actress Ellen Adarna and blockbuster king John Lloyd Cruz has kept netizens guessing about the real score between them. Now, they’re both enjoying a quiet time in Morocco.

However, just as they keep the real deal a secret, the two actors keep exposing intriguing photos, videos and comments that seem to confirm their supposed relationship.


In a recent Instagram post, Adarna uploaded a photo of herself shot by “My photographer @ekomsi”. The said account is believed to be owned by Cruz.

My photographer 📸 @ekomsi

A post shared by Ellen Adarna (@maria.elena.adarna) on Oct 10, 2017 at 10:55pm PDT

The caption caught close friend and professional photographer Vito Selma’s attention, who asked Adarna if indeed @ekomsi is only her photographer. Another contact of Adarna who goes by the handle @_idancruz then typed the hashtag “#bloggerjowa”. Adarna seemed to agree on both descriptions: photographer and bloggerjowa.

Image: Vito Selma’s comment on @maria.elena.adarna’s Instagram post

In Filipino slang, “jowa” refers to someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend. In the realm of fashion blogging, bloggerjowa refers to boyfriends who either take photos and/or assist their fashion blogger girlfriends on shoots, which sometimes require these bloggerjowas to do difficult or ridiculous tasks just to ensure a good pictorial for their girlfriends.

Just recently, rumors about Adarna being pregnant surfaced when veteran newscaster Jay Sonza posted a conversation he had with a supposed niece who is currently vacationing in Europe. Taking from the post, that niece informed Sonza about her pregnancy and engagement.

A name was revealed on the latter part of Sonza’s post: Elena. Could Sonza’s niece be Adarna? Is she indeed carrying Cruz’s child? Adarna fans await updates from her and her bloggerjowa. JB

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