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P446M up for poverty cut in Quirino

CABARROGUIS, Quirino: The Korea International Cooperation Agency (Koica) has allotted P446.5million ($9.5 million) grant for the five-year implementation of a project to reduce rural poverty in Quirino province.

The project will start in 2018.

Myung Seop Shin, Koica country director, and Gov. Junie Cua signed on December 7 the project’s Record of Discussion (RoD) entitled Quirino Integrated Rural Development (QIRD) Project.

Shin said the project, which will directly benefit some 650 households in the province, aims to reduce poverty by increasing farmers’ income and improve their quality of life.

Koica said this will be done through development of agroforestry and cattle production capacity with the establishment of a cattle breeding center and through the establishment of the Quirino Livelihood for Everyone (Q-Life) center.

Cua said successful implementation of QIRD project by the provincial government will strengthen the relationship and cooperation between the Republic of the Philippines and the Republic of Korea.

He added that the project is focused on expanding and strengthening of the Quirino Integrated Agricultural Development Project (QIADP), also funded by Koica and implemented by the provincial government from 2013 to 2016.

Project QIRD is Phase II of the QIADP, which developed four programs for agro-forestry, livestock, vegetable cultivation and fruit tree and forest tree planting.

The QIADP also involved the construction of farm-to-market roads, establishment of a feed mill and mushroom-production facilities, training of farmers through demonstration of improved farming technologies for agro-forestry and boosting of agriculture credit through the extension of micro finance to farmers.

Koica said because of the visible success of the QIADP exceeding its goals and targets of reducing rural poverty, expanding agricultural production and restoring local watershed, Quirino has submitted to Koica through QIRD’s project management unit an action plan for the project with the goal of sustaining and expanding the positive impacts brought about by the QIADP to a wider population of the province.

As counterpart in the project, Quirino has also appropriated funds for the implementation of the project that included costs for securing land, right-of-way for farm-to-market and access roads, compensation and resettlement of affected residents, institutional development and project administration.

A joint team appointed by Koica and Quirino will undertake midterm and final evaluations of the project to ensure that the work scope and the undertakings of the respective governments provided in the RoD are properly being implemented.

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