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Getting motivated in 2018


Starting the year right is a wonderful intention. A fresh start is really good, as it gives you hope and permits you the strength to keep moving forward. To move forward is what we really want to do. Time moves forward. Time never stops.

One good perspective to start the year right is to find out what you want to improve on, in your golf game. It can be something very specific or something more general in nature. Please continue to read on as I attempt to give you a guide to get you motivated or better yet, inspired!

Setting your goals

I believe that goal setting is the best way to keep you on track. Committing to a certain goal or a number of goals will keep you more focused. Of course, this becomes more effective with the willing and kind assistance of your golf coach or instructor.

You can work on your goals alone, if and when you believe, you have the discipline to do so. It will definitely take a lot of courage to commit. At the back of our heads we do not want to commit, because relatively, we do not want to fail. Actually, to fail is also good because it teaches you so many other lessons, not only in golf but also in life.

Short-term goals

You may want to start with a short-term goal. This can be improving your putting stroke, your chip shot, your pitch shot, or your pre-shot routine. It is better to set a time frame for each given short- term goal that you desire to achieve. Before moving on to another short-term goal, be certain to achieve your set goal.

Medium-term goals

A medium-term goal can possibly be a bit more difficult. But setting the proper mindset can be an enjoyable process in achieving your goals. These goals may take more time, as it requires more accuracy, in terms of distance and direction. You may also work on the mental side, like maintaining your focus or emotions.

When you decide to work on making your driver shots farther and straighter, it can certainly take time. You may need to work on speed, timing and tempo, swing mechanics, and the appropriate muscles to use.

Similar medium-term goals can be a job to work on your wedge shots, long iron shots, fairway woods shots, or even working on your greens in regulations. So just the same, set a time frame for each area that you strive to work on.

Long-term goals

As far as I am concerned, the long-term goals can be the ultimate test of any avid golfer. The results of these goals are attributed to all the hard work that you have done. Mind you, it takes about three years to consistently score a plus handicap in golf. At the least, an even par score is definitely achievable. Do not forget that the mental side of the game is the largest factor for these achievements.

When you have achieved your long-term goals, it is a sign that you have been fully groomed as a fine golfer. The level of knowledge and understanding can almost be at its peak. It does not mean you know everything, but can be simplified. Trust me, there is so much to learn about the game and yourself.

Setting your program

Your program makes up the short, medium and long-term goals. You are obliged to work on these goals for several years, depending on the intensity of your training. Designing your own program can be a very tedious task. So, I strongly advise that you work with your golf coach or instructor.

Your training program must include the swing mechanics, schedule of practices/ tournaments, physical strengthening/conditioning, and the enhancement of the mental side. It is an advantage to know and understand the game holistically.

Taking action

Taking action is the most fun part. This is the time you execute everything you know. Trusting yourself during these processes is most vital. It is also mindful to enjoy!

This basically includes the way you think, feel and a whole lot of other psychological factors not to be taken for granted for. During your practices, it is good to take each shot one at time, with a deep sense of commitment, diligence and appreciation.


Never have the mindset to rush. Every time you move, take it one step at a time. Never hop! When you make two steps at a time in golf, you will be in deep trouble. You might get frustrated and eventually quit. We don’t want that, because, all I want is for you to have fun and really feel good. Always enjoy the process.

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