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Coleen Garcia Reveals Why She Was Scolded At ABS-CBN

Coleen Garcia Scolded At ABS-CBN For Doing Something

COLEEN GARCIA – Sin Island actress Coleen Garcia revealed that there was a time when she scolded at ABS-CBN.

Coleen Garcia is undeniably one of the successful and prominent actresses of her generation. She has done lots of projects that became a hit.

Recently, the Kapamilya actress appeared as a guest on Tonight With Boy Abunda wherein she shared five things that most people don’t know about her.

Coleen Garcia
Photo lifted from Twitter

Based on a recent report in Philippines’ Ultimate Showbiz Hub (PUSH, Coleen Garcia expressed that she loves to eat ice cream that she can even finish one tub.

The actress also expressed that she lacks self-confidence and when she was still in school, she is one of the shyest persons. She also revealed that she does not know how to be “fashionable”.

According to the report, Coleen also revealed that she loves animals and there was even a time when she was scolded at the ABS-CBN for bringing one.

Pinagalitan ako dito sa ABS (-CBN) kasi nagpasok ako ng baboy,” she reportedly said.

The social media account of Coleen Garcia shows how fond she is of animals. She and her fiancé Billy Crawford’s Instagram accounts have photos of them together with their pets.

Coleen is set to officially tie the knot with Billy this year. Though none of the two celebrities has shared their specific wedding date yet, there were speculations that it might fall on Summer.

Billy and Coleen, collectively called by their fans and supporters as ‘BiCol’, have already bought a house. They managed to do it along with the preparation for their wedding.

Meanwhile, based on a report, Coleen Garcia will still be active in her career even after her wedding with Billy Crawford. Both of them have work commitments.

The fans of the Kapamilya actress are also excited to see her upcoming movie with actor Xian Lim and actress Nathalie Hart entitled Sin Island. It is directed by director Gino M. Santos. It will be opened in cinemas on February 14.

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