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Sharon Cuneta, Gabby Concepcion’s Sweet Moments During McDo Commercial BTS

The sweet moments of former love team partners Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion was showcased in the behind the scene video of their commercial shoot for McDonald’s

The fans of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion once again got ecstatic upon learning that the love team they support is together again in a project.

The two of the biggest stars in the Philippine showbiz industry are featured in the latest commercial of an international fast food chain, McDonald’s.

The most awaited reunion of the former real life couple is something that brought excitement to those who have been anticipating in seeing them again together on screen.

In the official Facebook Page of the Megastar, she shared the behind the scene of their shoot for the commercial which brought more ‘kilig’ to their fans.

Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion
(screen shot from Sharon Cuneta’s FB Page)

In the video, the two stars were giving the media photo ops. Gabby also took a selfie of him and Sharon as they were sitting inside the fast food outlet.

The people around them shouted with ‘kilig’ as they were seeing the two stars sitting close to each other.

While Gabby was taking a selfie, the production staff behind them was obviously ecstatic with the sweet moments between the two stars.

When the Megastar and the Kapuso actor posed for a photo, everyone started to shout as Gabby slowly puts his left arm around Sharon.

The shouts from the people who were there even got louder when the Megastar moved closer to his former love team partner.

As of writing, after two hours that the said BTS video for McDo commercial was uploaded, it has already been shared for more than 8 thousand times.

It has 277 thousand views, 27 thousand reactions and 2.5 thousand comments.

Netizens expressed on their comments the support that they will always give to Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion because for them their love team will always be the best.

Definitely, the Shawie-Gabby love team will be one of the most celebrated love teams in the history of Philippine entertainment.

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