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Could this be social media’s Big Tobacco reckoning?

The warnings have been sounded for years: Facebook is bad for us. It’s fuelling the spread of misinformation. It’s messing with democracy. But recent revelations about the massive collection of personal Facebook data might be the watershed moment in which users come to terms with what they’ve long been cautioned …

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Bilateral cellulitis on legs? think venous stasis dermatitis

If a patient present with cellulitis on both legs, think venous stasis dermatitis, which is the no. 1 misdiagnosis of cellulitis and a frequent cause of unnecessary hospitalization for so-called “red leg” as said at the UCSF Annual Advances in Internal Medicine meeting. It is easy to make that mistake, …

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The power of prayer

Philippine basketball team assistant coach Eric Altamirano’s wife Marissa is convinced that prayers led to the Filipinos’ 79-74 win over Japan at the 14th Asian Games in Busan a few days ago. She’s probably right. With six minutes left and Japan sitting on an eight-point cushion after Takehiko Orimo’s rare …

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Competing views on Boracay

First things first. In the larger view of reality, there is just no such thing as perfect reality. Both good and bad are always present and we make decisions based on choosing one or the other. “Boracay is one of those small realities we have to tackle. That has a …

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Sacred Sundays

Recently, my son Roel, a writer and an educator, mentioned he was writing down reflections about literature, family and life, and I asked if I could reprint this in my column for Easter. This is what he wrote: In Warren Ellis’ seminal Transmetropolitan which I first read in 1999, the …

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Painful homecoming in battle-torn Marawi

MARAWI CITY: After fleeing for their lives nearly a year ago, residents of the battle-scarred Philippine city of Marawi were allowed back Sunday for the first time—to dig through the rubble that was once their homes. Swathes of the southern city were destroyed in five months of house-to-house fighting between …

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