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Bela Padilla Reacts To Netizen Wanting Her ‘Cancelled’: “I hope you try to forgive”

Netizen’s Statement Hooks Actress Bela Padilla’s Attention

BELA PADILLA – Actress Bela Padilla reacted to the statement of a netizen who reportedly wanted her ‘cancelled’ because of her past actions.

Kapamilya actress Bela Padilla is undeniably one of the excellent stars in the industry. She is not only a brilliant actress but as well as a great scriptwriter. She is the scriptwriter of Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga’s movie Last Night.

Bela has also worked with actor JC Santos in hit movie 100 Tula Para Kay Stella. Another movie of the actress which also hooked lots of viewers is the Meet Me In St. Gallen whom she starred with actor Carlo Aquino based on a report.

Bela Padilla
@belapadilla IG

However, it seems that one netizen did not like how Bela Padilla has presented her view with regards to depression in the hit movie Last Night.

Based on a report in Pep, netizen behind the user handle @SeaweedHeart’s caught the attention of Bela Padilla after she pointed out the actress’ cancellation over past actions. The 2012 FHM issue was brought up again.

The netizen reportedly mentioned the actress’ insights on the controversial remark of Kapuso host Joey de Leon about depression and she also has an accusation on the way the actress wrote the script of a movie based on the report.

Bela Padilla responded to the statement of the netizen. She stressed the differences between them in terms of viewing certain matters. She stated that she would be the one who would cancel herself if her accusation is true.

The actress also mentioned the positive feedback they got from other people in terms of how the movie was able to help them. She expressed well wishes for the netizen.

Hello, Thea 🙂 I’ve seen your tweets and I have apologized for my 2012 cover over and over and the copies were recalled. When people make mistakes and say sorry I hope you try to forgive. You can’t “cancel” certain people bec that makes your fight to protect them inconsistent. 🤗 https://t.co/j8fDUWbr5P

— Bela Padilla (@padillabela) March 11, 2018

The amount of people who spoke to me and the team behind Last Night because of the help they felt they got after it is honestly enough for me to ignore your baseless tweets. But I don’t want you walking around today with hate in your heart, so bibigyan kita na peace of mind 🙂 https://t.co/j8fDUWbr5P

— Bela Padilla (@padillabela) March 11, 2018

If the movie didn’t work for you, it worked for the people it was meant for ❤ have an amazing day, Thea…actually, have an amazing life ❤ i would love to see you achieve what you want in life so you dont feel the need to hate people so much ❤ https://t.co/j8fDUWbr5P

— Bela Padilla (@padillabela) March 11, 2018

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