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Jennylyn Mercado Reveals Truth Behind “Engagement Ring” She’s Wearing

Jennylyn Mercado revealed the story behind the ring she’s wearing which perceived by many as engagement ring from Dennis Trillo.

Kapuso actress Jennylyn Mercado revealed the real story behind the alleged “engagement ring” she is wearing.

Her boyfriend, Kapuso hunk actor Dennis Trillo recently posted a photo on Instagram showing two hands intertwined. Apparently it was him and his girlfriend Jennylyn.

Jennylyn Mercado
(@mercadojenny IG)

It can also be noticed that the hand of the woman was wearing a ring that is sort to be for engagement.

With all that speculations from netizens, the actress clarified that she has long been wearing the said ring in her finger.

She even answered back to reporters who asked her if that was really an engagement ring by saying that engagement ring is supposed to be with one stone only.

She also stressed out that she was the one who bought it.

“Akin ‘to, no! Hindi ba ako pwedeng bumili nito?” the Jennylyn said.

She also clarified something about the engagement issue with boyfriend Dennis.

The actress said that they are not yet engaged and they are not yet planning about it.

“Wala pa sa plano ko ‘yan, wala pa,” she stressed out.

Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado
(@mercadojenny IG)

When asked if what will she do if Dennis will propose and pop up the question, “will you marry me?” Is she ready to be engaged?

Jennylyn Mercado answered that she still does not know if she is ready to hear the question.

She also said that there are still a lot of things she wants to do in her life.

In addition, she said that even Dennis knows that she still wants to do a lot of things before settling down, based on the article.

Meanwhile, she was also asked to comment about the alleged scandal video of her ex-boyfriend Mark Herras but she said she does not know anything about it.

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