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Aubrey Miles, Troy Montero Reveal Story Behind Controversial Photos

Here is the story behind the nude photos of celebrity couple Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles which they shared on social media.

Celebrity couple Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles went controversial just recently because of their nude photos on social media.

It can be recalled that many netizens were shocked upon seeing their controversial photos on the internet and one person who reacted to it is Troy’s brother KC Montero.

Based on a previous article, KC slammed the couple for doing which for him is inappropriate thing to do on social media.

Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles
(Photo source: Pinoy Paparazzi)

On the other hand, the celebrity seemed nonchalant about all the negative comments they receive.

They even revealed the story behind their nude photos which are posted on Instagram.

Based on the article published in Inquirer, Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles did not expect that their nude photos will be controversial.

(Photo source: @milesaubrey IG)

Last March, during their vacation at The Farm at San Benito is where their first posted nude photo was taken. Troy did not expect that his partner will upload and then he just saw it on social media.

On the other hand, it did not gave a negative effect to him and he even said, “I don’t mind. She’s hot, so…”

When asked if he is possessive about his woman, Troy said, “To a point. Kasi I’m proud she works out hard so okay lang. Pero usually when she posts, I’ll always make a comment na somewhere at the bottom like ‘Oh, that’s mine ha.’”

(Photo source: @milesaubrey IG)

Talking about Troy Montero’s solo nude photo, Aubrey explained that she had to ask him to cover his crotch area with his hand.

Troy did not expect that Aubrey will upload it and he just found out that it was already uploaded on her IG account.

Later on, the celebrity couple uploaded their other nude photos during their recent escapade in El Nido, Palawan, based on the source.

(Photo source: @troymontero IG)

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