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Who Is Ellen Adarna? The Backstory Of Controversial Woman’s Life

This is the backstory of the life of Ellen Adarna, the woman who has become controversial

This is a backstory of the life of a controversial woman who does not care what other people may say to her.

Her name is Ellen Adarna and she is from Cebu who during her teenage years ran away from their home.

When she was in high school, she loves taking pictures of herself and post them online through the social network site Friendster.

Backstory of Ellen Adarna's Life
(Photo source: Preview)

Prior to her exodus from her hometown, Ellen works as an assistant of her father in their family business.

However, Ellen and her father had a fight which made her decide to run away. She was broke back then when she went to Manila.

Unfortunately, she got an offer from a television network.

Her hobby of posting her photos online earned her popularity that led to slew of magazine covers and viral videos, including an endorsement for breast implants for Belo Medical Center, based on Rappler’s report.

(file photo)

And that is how her career in show business began.

Showbiz taught her to live up to a certain image but it was not fitting for her. She said, “I just can’t lie”.

But she is willing to strip in front of the camera. It is the job she is willing to do when the camera starts to roll. She does not care being naked.

(file photo)

Because of this, people had been calling her tawdry, a slut, a flirt and her answer to this is her middle finger.

Ellen admits that there are times that she feels ugly – when she wakes up, when she feels bloated and every time that she feels she is.

There was a time when she felt confused of her career in showbiz. She admitted that her commitment to the industry is half-hearted.

(file photo)

Times came when she likes it but there were also times she doesn’t. The easy income is good but the demands are just too much for her sometimes.

One of the highlights in Ellen’s backstory is her reconciliation with her father.

With the recent controversies that involved her name, Ellen is still the same. She still does not care.

According to a report, when people call her a whore, her answer is f___ you too.

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