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Inday Sara’s Sarcastic Definition Of “Yellowtard”, New Tirade Against Trillanes

This is the sarcastic definition Sara Duterte for the term “Yellowtard” as a her new tirade against Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte posted an intriguing definition of “Yellowtard” on her Instagram account.

The said term is used to those die-hard supporters of Liberal Party that uses the color yellow to represent their affiliation to the group.

As it is now known that LP is on the side of opposition against the present administration of President Rodrigo Duterte, it is but natural that Yellowtards would blow criticisms.

Yellowtard definition according to Sara Duterte
(Photo source: @indaysaraduterte IG)

The issue involving Inday Sara and opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes started when that latter stated the the Chief Executive is pushing the presidential daughter to run for President on 2022 elections.

Sara slammed that statement from the Senator saying that it was a lie.

LEAVE ME ALONE, Senator Trillanes. The last time a person irked me, I made sure to make it difficult for him to bring me down and Speaker Boy Nograles lost that election and was a billion pesos poorer. Like Speaker Alvarez, my advice to you is not to think of me, speak of my name, not even a whisper of Inday Sara from your ugly lips. Leave me in peace in Davao City or else you and your friends will spend more than a billion in the 2022 Presidential elections just to make me insignificant. Let me repeat, do not bother me and my slot will be available for a yellow Senator for the 2019 elections. President Duterte imagines you will be shot, on the other hand, I will make sure you are alive and in pain. I have been described as heartless by my mother, please do not anger me so that you may remain relevant for the future generation. And you should listen to my mother. 📸 GMA News

A post shared by Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio (@indaysaraduterte) on Jun 12, 2018 at 4:42pm PDT

Trillanes was asked to expressed his side regarding the answer from the Davao City Mayor.

Following the above post from Inday Sara, she posted a screen shot photo from a news saying that the Senator has no time for a word war against her.

The said statement from Trillanes also received another blow from the presidential daughter.

The tirade of Sara Duterte against Senator Trillanes does not stop there for she also posted her own definition of the term “Yellowtard”. The flavor of sarcasm in her definition is so tasteful.

According to Inday Sara, the term can be defined as a noun with these meanings:

  • a person infected by yellow fever
  • a person who is liberal
  • someone who has an immaculate heart; spotless; clean

It can also used as an adjective with these definitions:

  • conforming to moral and ethical principles
  • chaste
  • perfect
  • holy

Under the category of Synonyms, according to the post of Sara Duterte, here are the included similar words:

  • honest, infallible, virtuous, intelligent, faultless, decent, righteous, moral, squeaky clean, clever, uncontaminated, saint, sexy

“Please vote for Trillanes under the Magdalo Partylist and his yellow friends. They need to survive because they are perfect and perfect is the way to go,” the Mayora said in her caption.

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