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Enrile ‘satisfied in general’ with Duterte’s performance

FORMER Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile said that he was “satisfied” in general with President Rodrigo Duterte’s performance.

“In general, I am satisfied. In the area of foreign policy, he is starting with diplomacy, he is following a traditional system. If you have the means, the capability to impose sanction against your adversaries then impose sanction. If you have the force, then impose force. The only option for the country, as far as I can see, on these issues would be diplomacy,” he said.

Meanwhile, the former Senate president and former Senate minority leader does not think that the economy can shoulder the cost of the proposed federal government.

“I agree with the concept but I have some misgivings about the capability of the country to support it financially. The proposal embodied in the proposed Constitution…so far calls for a very huge bureaucracy,” Enrile said.

“You duplicate the bureaucracy of the national government to the federal level, it will burden the people too much with taxes, and the economy I don’t think it can shoulder the cost of this huge government that is being proposed,” he said.

Enrile, who is out on bail, was at the Sandiganbayan on Friday for the scheduled pre-trial of the plunder case filed against him and several others in connection with the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or “pork barrel” scam.

The pre-trial was reset to August 31 because the marking of documentary evidence to be presented during trial was not yet finished. REINA TOLENTINO


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