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I ate my sashimi in a 250-year-old Edo bowl at Kyo-to

MANILA, Philippines — Monastic silence welcomes you at Kyo-to Kaiseki restaurant on Palanca Street in Makati. A small, nondescript scroll-like sign that reads “Kyo-to” is etched on the entrance of the restaurant, which is actually on the ground floor of the Prudential Guarantee building. By the well-lit kappo, a dining …

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Why Starbucks’ red cup isn’t red anymore

You know it’s Christmas at Starbucks when you see the red cup, the iconic drink receptacle, which for many signals the start of the festive season. However, the red cup is not so red anymore. The coffee giant is changing things up by introducing its first-ever, color-in cup with illustrations …

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The spirit of Greenhills’ Christmas on Display lives on

MANILA, Philippines—The country’s premiere shopping, entertainment and dining destination, Greenhills Mall, has opened up a world of magic and splendor on November 8 with the unveiling of its first-of-a-kind Christmas attraction. This is the Greenhills Christmas Village that shines bright and stands jolly at the lobby of V-Mall. It features …

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Here's how McDo made Undas experience better

MANILA, Philippines — Putting an innovative twist to its delivery services, McDonald’s went out of its way to reach Filipinos during Undas. This solved the perennial problem of rider and customer getting lost in the crowd while frantically looking for each other in a sprawling but packed cemetery. Over the …

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Colored rice, anyone?

MANILA, Philippines — Most of us Pinoys can’t do without rice. It has become some sort of comfort food OFWs bring with them when on vacation in the Philippines, or buy in bulk at the nearest Filipino store But not all kinds of rice are good for you. ABC News …

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