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Science must be the guiding factor when diagnosing brain death

Ontario courts have ordered that artificial breathing machines remain attached to Taquisha McKitty and Shalom Ouanounou after their families launched legal challenges in order to prolong treatment. Both families have claimed that their loved ones are not dead by their respective religions’ definitions of death. Teams of doctors in each …

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‘No water, no birds’: Wood Buffalo National Park among most threatened, warn international scientists

One of the world’s largest groups of conservation scientists says Canada’s biggest national park is among the most threatened World Heritage Sites in North America. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature says Wood Buffalo National Park, which straddles the Alberta-Northwest Territories boundary, is significantly threatened by hydroelectric and …

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What are the best ways to shrink your carbon footprint?

Emma Rohmann works hard to minimize her family’s contribution to climate change. She and her husband Erich, who have two young children, have retrofitted their Toronto home to be more energy efficient. They’ve also cut way back on eating meat, driving and flying to reduce their carbon emissions. “Thinking about …

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