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This is what a recycling crisis in Quebec looks like

Mounds of colourful plastic, paper and glass tower six metres high and cover most surfaces at Sherbrooke’s recycling plant. Several stray cats climb to the top of the pile, playing in cardboard boxes and sniffing empty tin cans. Every step produces a loud crunch as miscellaneous discarded objects shatter underfoot. …

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How we can prevent outer space from becoming the Wild West

In January, an Indian rocket arced across the sky over the island of Sriharikota as it soared into space. On board were several satellites, including an Indian mapping satellite, one from Canada and one from an asteroid mining company. The rocket also contained four satellites that were actually denied permission …

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Tech companies encourage us to be smart about phones

Smartphones can be addictive. But some of the biggest tech companies may have found a solution with new tools to help users better understand their habits and usage. Earlier this month, Apple unveiled the new iOS 12, which includes management tools for customers to control how they spend their time …

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