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Scientists ID another possible threat to orcas: pink salmon

Over the years, scientists have identified dams, pollution and vessel noise as causes of the troubling decline of the Pacific Northwest’s resident killer whales. Now, they may have found a new and more surprising culprit: pink salmon. Four salmon researchers were perusing data on the website of the Center for …

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Chill out: Wolves take snow days too, says study

When snow falls, wolves chill out, according to a recent study from the University of Alberta. Over two winters, researchers looked at the movements of grey wolves near Fort McMurray, Alta. in conjunction with data on snowfall in the area. “We found that on the night that it was snowing, …

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Trump says U.S. will develop space-based missile defence

Moving to protect the U.S. from advanced missile threats from China and Russia, President Donald Trump on Thursday laid out plans for a new array of space-based sensors and other high-tech systems designed to more quickly detect and defeat attacks. Trump, in a speech at the Pentagon, declared that space …

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Trilobite ‘cousin’ adds new branch to tree of life

The tiny remains of an extinct bug-like creature discovered at British Columbia’s 500-million-year-old Burgess Shale fossil deposit add a new branch to the evolutionary tree of life, says a student researcher who tracked down the organism’s development. The discovery of fossilized soft tissue, including the unique digestive tract, antennae and …

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Biologists take action to save dwindling caribou population

A desperate operation to save mountain caribou along the B.C.-U.S. border has begun. There are believed to be only about a half dozen mountain caribou left in the southern Kootenays. Biologists say that is unsustainable, and the herds will undoubtedly be extirpated unless something is done, meaning they will disappear …

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