17.1K more patients beat Covid-19

MANILA – The country’s recovery tally from the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) further increased to 846,691, with 17,138 new recoveries reported on Thursday.

In its latest case bulletin, the Department of Health (DOH) said the number is equivalent to 87.2 recovery rate from a total of 971,049 who got infected with Covid-19.

The agency also logged 8,767 new infections, bringing the total number of active cases to 107,988.

Of the active cases, about 96.6 percent are mild, 1.3 percent are asymptomatic, 0.9 percent are severe, 0.55 are moderate, and 0.7 percent are in critical condition.

There were also 105 new deaths, pushing the death toll to 16,370 or 1.69 percent of total cases.

Data submitted on Tuesday likewise showed that 17.5 percent of 48,133 who were tested turned out positive for Covid-19.

“Some 25 duplicates were removed from the total case count, and of these, 12 were recovered cases. Moreover, 43 cases that were previously tagged as recovered were reclassified as deaths after final validation,” the DOH said.

One laboratory was not operational on April 20 while five laboratories were not able to submit their data to the Covid-19 Document Repository System.

Currently, 64 percent of 1,900 intensive care unit beds, 49 percent of 13,500 isolation beds, 54 percent of 6,000 ward beds, and 45 percent of 2,000 ventilators are utilized by patients with Covid-19.

Meanwhile, 80 percent of 800 intensive care unit beds, 61 percent of 3,800 isolation beds, 68 percent of 2,200 ward beds, and 61 percent of 800 ventilators dedicated to patients with Covid-19 are in use in the National Capital Region.

The public is reminded to stay at home and to observe minimum health standards when going out.

The DOH urged those experiencing Covid-19 symptoms to immediately isolate and contact the Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams or One Hospital Command. (PNA)

Credit belongs to : www.pna.gov.ph

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