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In aid of re-election

Before they adjourned for the election campaign period, both chambers of the 17th Congress passed a slew of proposed bills, a number of which were signed into law on various dates by President Rodrigo Duterte. But quite a number also got vetoed by President Duterte due to purported constitutional infirmities …

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There’s a large vacant lot near my home that has been fenced off with metal sheets painted red. Red lanterns were later hung at the entrance, over which a large sign was installed, displaying Chinese characters with no English translation. Initially I guessed that it might be the site of …

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Filipinos untrained, unaware of skills most in demand

What has TESDA been doing all these years? That question was first in everyone’s mind when President Duterte talked about a shortage of skilled workers. The role of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority is to produce not only able but also apt workers. That is, it must train …

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EDITORIAL – Veil of secrecy

Through several administrations and for many years now, Congress has been urged to ease bank secrecy laws in connection with certain offenses. Lawmakers have consistently rejected the proposal, even if it fueled speculation that a number of them have self-preservation in mind. Among the biggest advocates of easing bank secrecy …

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