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VIRAL: Kim Molina wows with instant character switch in acting challenge

Kim Molina channels three different characters during her guest appearance in ‘Tonight with Boy Abunda.’ ABS-CBN

MANILA — Savannah, Billet, Aileen, and Peng are just among the characters Kim Molina has juggled in the past year — each of them with distinct personality and mannerisms.

Molina demonstrated just that in an acting challenge that has since gone viral, where she effortlessly switched between the scheming Savannah of “Kadenang Ginto” and the loyal Billet of “The General’s Daughter.”

An additional layer of challenge was delivering a memorable line of Angel Locsin’s Monica in the hit mistress drama “The Legal Wife.”

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With subtle differences in her voice and facial expressions, Molina gave a performance that easily distinguished Savannah from Billet, earning her cheers in the “Tonight with Boy Abunda” studio.

Aired last Thursday, that portion has gone viral over the weekend, with over a million views on YouTube and Facebook.

A third character, Aileen, also surfaced during the same interview, as Molina gave a tease of what to expect from the ongoing seventh season of the hit Pinoy musical “Rak of Aegis.”

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Belting out Aileen’s signature song, “Basang-Basa sa Ulan,” Molina could not help but shed tears, with Abunda comforting her.

Molina was being interviewed by Abunda in light of her first feature-length film role in “MOMOL Nights,” an iWant original where she portrays Peng, who copes with a heartbreak by exploring casual relationships.

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