2GO acquires new vessel to serve Filipinos better

Filipinos always find ways to have fun and be festive even on regular days. We have the ability, in fact, to celebrate life even during challenging times. Without a doubt, Pinoys are innately happy human beings.

This quality that we Filipinos are known for is the inspiration of 2GO Group Inc. in naming their new cargo and passenger ship to “MV 2GO Maligaya.” And to be true to its name, the vessel promises not just rliable but also a safe, fast, and fun voyage with its state-of-the-art technology and cruise ship-like amenities.

The largest and fastest ship to sail in Philippine waters, MV 2GO Maligaya.

Made by Japanese shipbuilders and with a German main engine, MV 2GO Maligaya has a top speed of 23.5 knots. 2GO vice president and head of sea solutions Dan Fernan said that it is the fastest liner vessel in the Philippine fleet today. Imagine reaching Cebu from Manila by 17 hours only.

To start a vacation onboard, this roll-on, roll-off passenger (ROPAX) vessel is also equipped with two restaurants, a café, a salon, a convenient store, a prayer room, gaming, and entertainment amenities. “With the pandemic situation, we have to scale down our entertainment offerings. But, we have two KTV rooms and these are more contained. Those who are traveling with family or friends can safely enjoy them,” said Dan.

Also, with its massive capacity, it can accommodate up to 800 passengers in much bigger spaces. It boasts of its 225 rooms, where its business and tourist class are comparable to three-star hotel accommodations. Apart from being clean, the upscale rooms have air-conditioning and their own toilets that have bidet, warmer, and small tub to soak in.

Comparable to private hotel rooms, 2GO state rooms.

“If you are keen to travel but still anxious because the virus is still out there, we actually have affordable rooms where you can have your own space and can practice social distancing from other passengers,” stated Blessie Cruz, 2GO assistant vice president for marketing.

According to Blessie, 2GO adheres to LGU requirements when it comes to health and safety measures. “We also make sure that before we accept passengers on board, they actually have the necessary documents in order to travel,” assures Blessie. “We always remind passengers and our crew to observe health protocols. And, we regularly disinfect the ship.”

By strictly following public health standards, 2GO was able to continue serving Filipino during this pandemic. “We were able to transport essential goods and bring overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and locally stranded individuals (LSI) back to their families,” said 2GO group chief operating officer Waldo Basilla.

Waldo disclosed that the lockdown has affected 2GO in terms of the volume of passengers, but not in the way they were able to serve the Filipino people. This new acquisition of MV 2GO Maligaya, which will hold its maiden voyage on May 23, 2021 to Cebu and Cagayan de Oro, will contribute to its commitment to providing fun yet safe travel experiences to passengers—not to mention, providing high speed and reliable means of moving essential goods nationwide.

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