6 practical Christmas gifts you may want to give your loved ones and inaanak

People may think that gift-giving is more challenging this year budget-wise because of the economic impact of the pandemic.

But the spirit of the season may not spoil the tradition. Not when affordable kinds of stuff are still available in the market in spite of the hard times. So playing Santa to your family, friends, relatives and inaanak won’t be too expensive.

At a time when safeguarding health is important for everyone, receiving a life-saving present would be thoughtful and highly appreciated.

At the onset of the pandemic in February and March, the price of surgical mask suddenly skyrocketed as unscrupulous traders tried to capitalize on the huge demand for the protective gear.

1. Surgical mask is a must

ORIGAMI masks, copper mask extenders and copper earrings.

Fortunately, the price stabilized as the government cracked down on price gougers. That means giving a box of disposable masks (50 pieces) priced at P50 won’t be hard on your wallet. You can even add a dozen face shields now selling at P10 apiece and come up with a combo giveaway.

2. Alcohol (for external use only and not the one you are thinking of)


Another must that would give you extra protection this pandemic is alcohol and hand sanitizer. You can pack several small bottles of alcohol priced at P50 each or bigger-sized bottle at less than P100 each. Hand sanitizers are cheaper than alcohol so a limited budget can cover gifts for up to a dozen inaanak or neighborhood kids.

3. Vitamin C

Gifting loved ones the resistance against sickness is possible and affordable. Simply give family members Vitamin C. A box of 100 tablets of generic ascorbic acid at 500 milligrams each costs only P250. A box can last up to 100 days if taken daily.

4. Netflix subscription

If you are looking for novelty gifts, a Netflix or Spotify subscription for movie and music lovers would make their Christmas entertaining. And Netflix is amazingly affordable with a monthly subscription price of less than P300 for single gadget viewing or a little over P500 for multiple users.

5. Plants

INDOOR plants give a sense of being close to nature inside cramped spaces, one look at the splashes of green allows occupants to breathe and calm down.


Sustainable gifts are beneficial in two ways.

Giving a pot of flower or fruit tree to grow can be self-fulling for the avid plantita or plantito while promoting a healthier environment.

Two seeds of yellow desert rose worth P71 online can go a long way to beautifying a yard and giving those bees nectar to produce honey. A set of 20 rare finger grape seeds worth only P83 online promises a new gastronomic experience when it begins bearing fruits.

6. Beep card

For the practical gift-givers who have less time to shop for Christmas giveaways, a simple Beep card is also a healthy alternative as cashless payment avoid catching germs from paper money. For those who prefer to give cash, it’s also easier now through online money transfer that can be done on a smartphone.

And for those who are generous enough to share blessings to the homeless and street dwellers, low cost clothes from ukay-ukay stores won’t be much of a drain to the pocket.

Credit belongs to : www.tribune.net.ph

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