6 things we won’t be doing this Christmas

The Holiday Season is just around the corner. But with the Covid-19 pandemic disrupting our normal routine, this year’s Christmas would be different.

Nonetheless, this would still be a merry celebration.

And it won’t hurt to look back on how we spent Christmas the past years.

So, wrap yourself around a blanket of nostalgia as we list down the things we would be missing this Christmas amid pandemic:

1. Christmas caroling


The Philippines is known to be the country with the longest Christmas celebration. And what sets off the Yuletide season here? Caroling!

Once a choir of children and adults knock on our doors to serenade us with joyous tunes then that’s when we know that Christmas has finally come.

2. Family reunion

Reunion square Filipino celebrate Christmas by being together and Rizal Park has become the traditional venue for spending the day for family. YUMMIE [email protected]_yumi

Christmas season used to be the perfect time for family members to slow down from work and gather together.

Unfortunately, the new normal prohibits mass gatherings which prompted people to skip the parties and just continue the fun in form of Zoom meetings.

3. ‘Pamamasko’

Christmas won’t be complete without visiting our ninongs and ninangs.

Going to their homes might not be an option this year but greeting them a ‘Merry Christmas’ is always welcome.

But look at the bright side, you’ll never know, you may have some presents delivered right at your doorsteps.

4. Christmas parties

This year is not for parties.

With the prohibition of mass gatherings to curb the COVID-19 cases, celebrating Christmas with friends and colleagues became a big no, no.

5. Christmas concerts

Huge events are among the things that we missed this year. And this includes free Christmas concerts where the audience sings their heart out.

6. MMFF movies and parade

FROM left: Jake Cuenca, Vic Sotto, Maine Mendoza and Pokwang leading the Parade of Stars. ALL PHOTOS BY DAVID JOHN CUBANGBANG

Children and kids at heart will surely miss the annual parade of stars that highlights the Metro Manila Film Festival.

Good thing though MMFF will still be here this year sans parade.

Credit belongs to : www.tribune.net.ph

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