A culture of security

A culture of security

Most recently I have found myself particularly curious about regional news and couldn’t help but revisit the Anak TV Seal awardee ByahengDo30. Anak TV Seal awards hold a special place in my heart as I have been fortunate enough to have had the chance to participate in this as a young educator many moons ago. It was here where my uncle, Edgardo Roces, gave me my very first education on media literacy.

As a young mother in those days, I became more aware of the influence of media, most especially on my children, and the imprints that may be left in their minds which in turn could affect behavior or character. It then became very important to me that my children, together with members of our home, be guided by educational and cultural shows that brought both meaning and necessary application with regard to their early childhood education.

Sept. 2, 2021 marked the fifth anniversary of the Roxas Night Market explosion in Davao and on this day of remembrance, Mayor Inday Sara Duterte took the opportunity to remind her fellow Dabawenyos to practice the culture of security. In a recent report issued in ByahengDo30, the good mayor of Davao City expressed to her fellow Dabawenyos the importance of embracing a culture of security.

Just the other day, mainstream media reported a possible terror attack on the Philippines, confirming that the Japanese government received such information while issuing a warning to alert Japanese residents in some Southeast Asian countries. On this matter therefore, one can’t help but reflect on how terrorism continues to pose a threat to our motherland, recalling incidents such as Marawi and the Roxas Night Market where many innocent lives were either wounded or taken.

In her reflection, Mayor Inday Sara explained how terrorism is a scourge in our society and embracing the culture of security as a way of life requires vigilance in ensuring that their city is safe and secured. This is precisely the theme behind The Whole of Nation Approach as it takes all of government, all of cities and every single person in their communities. We all have our roles to play and we are duty bound as members of one country to do our part in serving our nation and protecting our land. While at times there may be some little misunderstanding on how regular citizens can participate, it must be clear that nation building is everyone’s cause.

When we clean our surroundings and cooperate in careful waste management programs, we in turn also help in national security by being catalysts of change that require the proper mindset on how we regard our communities. When we are vigilant in ensuring the safety of our families by abiding with curfews and protocols, we again become participants in this culture of security. In other words, there are big and small ways that every citizen is called to do when it comes to creating a culture that is meant for the good of all.

As Mayor Inday explained to her people, a culture of security is an important campaign that they will continuously remind her fellow Dabawenyos about placing importance on reminding, reporting and volunteering against terrorism. As mentioned earlier, we all have our roles to play and and when it comes to embracing a culture of security, it simply means that everyone in the community takes part in its defense system.

In essence, the goal of national security is to protect the fundamental and enduring needs of the people in order to preserve the lives of every Filipino while keeping its values intact. Embracing a culture of security is vital for both economic and social progress, as these are the very same factors destroyed ultimately by terror attacks, hence the synergy of different roles is necessary and it does not matter whether you are young or old, in government or not, a pastor or a CEO. Ultimately, the goal is achieved through convergence and in order for us to fully appreciate this, it must be ingrained in our culture. Embrace it.

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