A fresh start or the beginning of an end?

Truefaith marks their 30th year in music with a new album titled ’11.’

For a band like Truefaith — who's seen-it-all, been-through-it-all — what's the best way to celebrate a career milestone that commemorates 30 years of being in the business of music and entertainment?

Why release new music of course! And that's exactly what Truefaith did when they recently dropped album number eleven, which they called — what else? — “11.”

It's because making catchy pop songs is what Truefaith does best. And they have the receipts — “Perfect,” “Everything She Wore,” “Huwag Na Lang Kaya,” “Dahil Ikaw,””Kung Okay Lang Sa'yo,” and “Yun Lang,” just to name a few of what easily could be a dozen career hits in the span of their career that started in the early '90s.

Truefaith — lead vocalist Medwin Marfil, brother and acoustic rhythm guitarist Eugene, bassist Macky Macaventa, lead guitarist Allan Elgar, keyboardist Jake Lumacad and drummer Kaka Quisumbing — is still making the best music of their lives. And we can hear it on the six songs that make up “11.”

Starting with the excellent “Dyahe” whose feel remind us of the “Perfect” days. Then there's the electro-pop tinged, “Your Ready Smile,” and the catchy new wave tinged “Refriend.”

These songs, along with the Macky Macaventa-written single titled “Muli,” seems to be a throwback to the '90s as Medwin sings about the simpler days and the memory of a smile that never fades.

Album opener “Go Ka Na” is a party number that reminds of late '80s pop as Truefaith keeps true to their roots. Their new wave influences, in fact, keep cropping up on songs like on mid-tempo tune “Tulala.”

Having released so many albums before, what does “11” mean or symbolize for Truefaith?

To this Medwin answered, “The album's artwork depicts a cat meditating, and that placid cat represents how we actuate ourselves these days. We're more relaxed and accepting of our circumstances. Whatever position we are in in the music industry and whatever impressions people may have of us, we're fine with it. As as used in the phrase the 11th hour, '11' may herald an oncoming significant event, generally positive or it could mean the beginning of an end.”

For the topics that Truefaith delves into the new set, they say that the songs “deal with themes we do best — being lovelorn, the failure of a relationship, dissolution of friendships, celebration of love.”

As to what drives them to keep making music, Medwin, Eugene, Macky, Allan, Jake and Kaka agree — the process of creating music is always a thrill for all of them.

“It's even more thrilling if what music we've fashioned is understood and appreciated by music fans. This, and 'putting good use of the gift' of artistry to bring joy to people and the eventual bond that is formed between us and them make being in the business of music all worthwhile,” Medwin said.

“Our focus is to make music, perform and connect with a lot of people,” he added.

They feel that this album can produce another hit just like “Dahil Ikaw” and their past hits.

“The intention of coming up with a new album is to prove ourselves that we still have it. As long as you're alive, you need to keep creating,” Medwin shared.

Truly, they still have it as Truefaith is busier than ever. Meds and Eugene are touring the US with other established acts, and they're hoping that eventually, the whole band can go and play in places in support of “11.”

As for what can be expected of Truefaith, one of the great Pinoy pop bands that we are lucky to still have around, Medwin said it reservedly, “This could be our last collection of new songs or this could mean a fresh start.”

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