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A glimpse into the future of AI-ready devices and innovations

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Lenovo made a groundbreaking announcement at the recently concluded Tech World 2023 event in Austin, Texas. During the annual innovation event, the global technology giant revealed its most comprehensive AI capabilities to date. It showcased its vision of “AI for All” emphasizing the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence across various industries. Lenovo’s commitment to AI ensures that everyone will benefit from this transformative technology.

The Tech World event was graced by leaders from Lenovo’s global partners including NVIDIA, AMD, Formula 1, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Intel. With Lenovo Chairman and CEO Yuanqing Yang, this impressive line-up of tech giants underscored the significance of Lenovo’s ‘AI for All’ vision and its commitment to fostering partnerships in the AI era.

Lenovo has pledged a further investment of $1 billion in AI innovation as part of its ‘AI for All’ initiative. Lenovo supports a dynamic approach to hybrid AI. This is where public, private and personal foundation models coexist to enable AI accessibility for everyone. For data security and user privacy, Lenovo ensures that AI operates within devices or secure on-premises servers. This guarantees no personal information is shared publicly or incorporated into open training datasets.

During the event, Lenovo showcased the future of AI-ready devices and AI-powered features including the concept of an AI PC that will enhance productivity, streamline workflows and safeguard data. A demonstration of Personal AI Twin was also done with AI interactions on the keyboard and natural language from the end-user and a new concept feature called AI NOW. AI NOW is a personal AI twin (AI assistant) solution for AI PCs.

Lenovo also unveiled a smartphone adaptive display concept that can be bent and shaped into different forms depending on the user’s needs. A rollable concept was unveiled as well.

With a focus on smart solutions, Lenovo announced the concept of an “Enterprise AI Twin”. This concept capitalizes on in-depth knowledge about an enterprise while keeping it private and secure. This will enhance business operations and decision-making.

Lenovo’s Tech World 2023 showcased the company’s ambitious “AI for All” vision. Lenovo’s partnerships with industry leaders and innovative AI solutions reinforce their commitment to their vision that emphasizes inclusivity, privacy and widespread adoption of AI across various sectors.

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