A partnership for breast care

Nami CEO Philipp Renner

Nami CEO Philipp Renner

There is a growing demand for organic products that are safe and toxin-free as diseases have been linked to the use of chemical-based products loaded with carcinogens.

In fact, a study conducted by the Global Cancer Conservatory showed that breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among Filipina women.

With this in mind, the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care, Incorporated (PFBCI) partners with Nami, a sustainable, vegan nail polish brand. A portion of Nami's sales will be donated to the said organization.

“We're extremely grateful to be partners with Nami Natural who is as passionate as we are in fighting breast cancer alongside many indigent patients. With businesses that value a wide spectrum of sustainability and advocacy like Nami Natural, we can work together to empower out beneficiaries and even inspire the next generation of businessmen. Through this partnership, we will be able to further our programs — early detection, patient navigation, and organizational regeneration.” said Fiery Jimenez, president of PFBCI.

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Nami CEO Philipp Renner said he knows of people who have had breast cancer, making the foundation close to his heart, “In my personal environment I have a few people who have breast cancer, both from my extended family, [and] unfortunately, one of the best friends of my younger sister who got breast cancer at only 25.”

Nami, which means nature and me, is a vegan and cruelty-free nail polish brand that offers a sustainable and planet-friendly alternative to conventional nail polishes.

Renner came up with the brand after noticing the growing trend for conscious beauty, “I was in New York for the last five years and then I spent some time in Germany where there's this whole conscious beauty trend, combined with sustainability,” he said.

The brand has eliminated 18 toxic ingredients commonly found in conventional nail polish brands. It is also certified by PETA and Dermatest in Germany.

Renner launched Nami in the Philippines because it's a great market where sustainability is a growing trend, “The Philippines has an amazing market with a young generation that's starting to be more cosmopolitan that wants to indulge on more sustainable things.”

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