A prayerful poem for Bea Alonzo

A prayerful poem for Bea Alonzo

In the wake of Gerald Anderson’s overdue anti-climactic admission that, yes, he and Julia Barretto have been going steady (since 2019 pa ba?), the fans of Gerald’s “ghosted” girlfriend Bea Alonzo are trying to console Bea in their own way, two of them election lawyer Romy Macalintal and his wife Mila.

In a letter to Funfare, Romy quoted this stanza from the song To Love Again — …Don’t live in the past, dear/For you and me, the die is cast, dear/But if love won’t last, dear/We have the right to love again…

It was a popular song of The Four Aces in the ‘50s from the movie The Eddy Duchin Story.

“The phrase ‘the die is cast’ means that ‘a decision has been made that cannot be changed’,” Romy elaborated. “Those romantic lyrics aptly describe what we want to tell Ms. Bea Alonzo: You have the right to love again. And to love the right and perfect man for you.”

No worries, Romy. The truth is that Bea has a way of bouncing back from a failed romance, as memory serves, first with Mico Palanca and Zanjoe Marudo. (Did we miss anybody?) For sure, Bea can find somebody who will not, ehem, “ghost” her. That someone may not (yet) be Dominic Roque (who has been seen with Bea in social-media photos) since those around them believe that Bea and Dominic cannot be “more than friends” for a cryptic reason.

Speaking of cryptic (the current favorite word in showbiz vocabulary, meaning not saying the truth but merely hinting at it), Bea posted one on Instagram that is interpreted as an indirect reaction to Gerald’s confession… “So here’s to time. Time that is best spent with family. Time that best heals all wounds and time as the ultimate truth teller.”

“Mila and I adored and admired how Bea beautifully portrayed the character of Andeng in the teleserye A Love to Last which, until now, we still watch some of its romantic episodes via Netflix. And what a coincidence. What was then a mere reel life is now practically happening in Bea’s real life. In that love story, Andeng, like Bea, lost her first love, but later Andeng found a better man in the person of Anton Noble (played by Ian Veneracion) and they lived happily ever after.”

With constant companion Dominic Roque

Now in her real life, added Romy, “Bea should thank God that those bad and sad experiences happened today which could be disastrous if discovered or experienced in the future. For sure, Bea, like Andeng, would soon find a faithful and suitable partner who will make her feel the real love that will last forever. She has all the time to look for him because… she has all the right to love again.”

And for Bea, Romy and Mila sincerely offer a prayerful poem written by James J. Metcalfe with the Imprimatur of Francis Cardinal Spellman, Archbishop of New York on Feb. 4, 1949, “which she may ponder spiritually in these interrelated seasons of Lent, Holy Week and Easter.”

Believe in God

There will be times when you are sad, and know not what to do

And when you tell yourself there is, no thought to comfort you.

But just remember this, my friend, that God is everywhere

And all you ever have to do, is say a little prayer.

For He is right beside you, and He hears each word you say

And He decides the weather, and the fortune of the day.

He is your everlasting friend, in time of need or stress

And only He can give you tears, or bring you happiness.

So trust in God with all your heart, and tell Him that you care

For He will gladly listen, friend, and heed your smallest prayer.

(Note: Atty. Romy Macalintal has his regular radio segment in Serbisyo on the Spot [SOS] on DZBB every Wednesday from 3 to 4 p.m. on the rights and privileges of senior citizens and persons with disability.)

Boots Anson Roa Rodrigo and husband King Rodrigo with their ‘water-full’ daily companion

Boots and King in water business

Here’s a portion of a “water-ful” note from Boots Anson Roa Rodrigo:

It’s payback time.

For “oldies but goodies” like King (81) and me (76), now is the best time to give back for the many gifts and graces that we have been given as “man and wife” since our marriage in 2014. We have been blessed. We want to share these blessings.

King and I have taken on a new advocacy and venture together with our Canyon Woods (Batangas) neighbors and co-parishioners Mike and Dee Chanco. We have partnered with the couple by endorsing, marketing and distributing the newest purified drinking water in the market, Healthy and Pure, manufactured by Maris Pure Corporation (MPC). MPC has acquired the assets of a former Ayala subsidiary and has enhanced “no hands, machine only” processing of the products.

(Postscript: Boots ended her note with “Have a waterful day.” We have tasted the water and it is indeed healthy and pure. Try it!)

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