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A scent journey through a Parisian Café

MANILA, Philippines — A candle collection that smells like coffee, spice and everything nice?

That’s the concept behind Diptyque x Café Verlet, one of the oldest Parisian coffee shops that has been roasting its beans in the traditional way since 1880.

Coffee, spice and everything nice: The Diptyque x Café Verlet scented candle collection is available at Rustan’s and Diptyque boutiques.

This year Diptyque collaborated with Café Verlet and introduced four different scents in candle format. The packaging is fun and playful, bearing whimsical illustrations by British artist Clym Evernden. On one side, a lamppost fronting Café Verlet serves a cup of coffee on a tray, while on the other side, a lamppost in front of a Diptyque store totes a shopping bag.

Gourmand scents

In the Diptyque x Café Verlet candle collection, the lightest scent is Chantilly, which smells like airy whipped cream with a dash of vanilla for sweetness.

Biscuit is inspired by Café Verlet’s signature Gateaux de Voyage and spiced biscuits, mingling notes of cinnamon and patchouli. To me, it smells like a Biscoff cookie. Delicious.

British artist Clym Evernden rendered the whimsical illustrations on the candle labels and packaging: A set of three small candles is available in a limited-edition box at Diptyque.

Fruits Confits, or candied fruits, is another specialty served at Café Verlet. The candle exudes the tangy fragrance of candied plum scented with bitter orange, sandalwood, patchouli and balsam accents — an olfactory journey through a world of sweetness and sophistication.

Sweet inspirations: Diptyque’s Parisian Café collection is inspired by Café Verlet specialties like Chantilly whipped cream, spiced biscuits, candied fruits and, of course, coffee.

Lastly, the star of collection is the Café scent (naturally) — the essence of Café Verlet itself that transports you to the location in Paris, with its notes of roasted coffee beans, toasted cereals and woods — like taking the first sip of a perfect espresso in the café’s warm interior, which features wooden furniture and floors.

At the event in Rustan’s, they told us that if you go to Café Verlet in Paris, you can actually order Diptyque coffee, which they created especially for the brand. But in truth, you don't have to go all the way to Paris to experience that, thanks to Diptyque.

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