A wellness clinic that also treats problems in the bedroom

It's a plain and simple fact: beauty clinics for dermatological improvements and weight loss are as common as finding a Starbucks all over the country. This is why when invitations come for opening a new “pang-paganda” center somewhere, hesitation quickly comes to the fore because really — what would make Clinic XYZ any better than Clinic ABC? In short, what else can we write that you, our readers, don't already know?

Dr. Kristine Grace Que-Alaban is Radiant’s head of Dermatology.

Dr. Kristine Grace Que-Alaban is Radiant’s head of Dermatology.

Radiant Care Skin and Body Wellness Center vowed there's much more to their clinic than the usual facials, lasers and sculpting treatments available in every other clinic across the republic. So we obliged.

To begin with, the well-appointed Radiant Care Center on the second floor of The Forum building in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, guarantees it will always have the most up-to-date version any machine treatment offered at a neighborhood or celebrity beauty clinic.

Apparently, Radiant has long been the official and preferred Philippine distributor of miracle inventions like Lypolisis, Picosure and Thermage, to name but a few high-tech machines out today. These are developed and manufactured across Europe, Israel, Japan, and Korea.

According to Dr. Kristine Grace Que-Alaban, Radiant's head of Dermatology, “You know how we'd hear about top beauty doctors traveling around the world searching for the next big breakthrough. More often than not, these famous names in cosmetic procedures would find themselves making the final purchase in the Philippines anyway because of the foreign companies' business history and preference for working with Radiant's parent company.

And since they already have first dibs to these beautiful state-of-the-art life changers, the owners thought it's about time to democratize these treatments so that everyone — whether male, female or LGBTQ, young, middle-aged or seniors–can also benefit from skin and body enhancements.

Radiant’s parent company has long been involved in the distribution of the world’s most hightech developments in skin care and body sculpting.

Radiant’s parent company has long been involved in the distribution of the world’s most hightech developments in skin care and body sculpting.

“I can say that the prices of the treatments here, which are exactly the same as the treatments available in the high-end clinics, can go down as much as 50 to 60 percent,” Dr. Alaban enticingly shared. “Kasi, improving oneself and caring for oneself, should not be exclusive to wealthy people. At Radiant, we can all afford to be beautiful.”

As if these come-ons weren't enough, Dr. Alaban then went for the biggest and most compelling hook that Radiant launched on August 8 for the market.

“The ultimate goal of Radiant is to bring overall wellness to people, and whether we admit it or not, sexual health also comes into focus,” the doctor noted.

“So here at our center, we don't just have dermatologists and medical cosmetics experts. We also have a team of urologists and urogynecologists to help people with sexual dysfunctions.”

According to the well-versed lady doctor, men with Erectile Dysfunction should not be afraid to come to the clinic and consult because the treatment will be non-invasive. We have a machine that will stimulate the area and 'revive' it,” she elaborated.

“The same goes for women who are experiencing dryness and discomfort during intercourse and, most especially, those who cannot orgasm — we also have machines that will restore blood circulation in the area while generating collagen and mucosal cells so they can feel pleasure again.”

For the owners of Radiant, it is high time that beauty and wellness clinics deliver on their promise of “holistic” health, which will always include sexual well-being.

“Consulting medically about sexual issues is already commonplace in many Western countries. And as much as we are all aware that Philippine culture and sensibilities still lean toward conservatism, we really hope that with the help of the media, we can remove that stigma of sexual wellness as part of a person's overall health so that patients who do need help will feel confident to come to our clinic and finally address their problems.

Radiant Care Skin & Body Wellness Center is now open daily for everyone.

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