AC Bonifacio relishes dance-off with Madelaine Petsch on ‘Riverdale’

Screenshot from Riverdale's dance-off between AC Bonifacio and Madelaine Petsch

AC Bonifacio is still thrilled that she was able to work with Madelaine Petsch on the popular US show “Riverdale” where she was introduced as the “new vixen.”

In a podcast interview with Richard Juan, Bonifacio detailed her experience oif having a dance battle with Petsch on the Netflix show which she only used to watch before.

“We shot with them two times, once in December and once in January. So that part there as a Star Vixen is I am dance battling with Cheryl Blossom who is Madelaine Petsch in real life and it was such an amazing experience because I just watched her on Netflix and now I am beside her dance battling her,” Bonifacio revealed.

The Star Magic talent also commended how nice Petsch was to her during the filming of the episode.

“She was like talking to me about dance and everything and she was like, 'Do you watch the show?' I was like, 'Yeah, I watch the show!' I was like, 'I watch your show !I love your show!' She was so nice,” Bonifacio quipped.

She also had a good experience working with the choreographer of the series.

“The choreographer Heather was also so nice and it was a very good experience. They gave me an initial choreo but she always said, 'If there's something you are more comfortable with, we can change it or if there are any other tricks that you can do.' She kinda based it off of me,” the 18-year-old Filipina said.

The “Dance Kids” winner also shared how proud she was to represent the Philippines in the show.

“I am very grateful to book that job because it could have been given to anybody else. So many other girls auditioned for that part because it is such a big show and for it being booked to me is an honor and I am glad to represent a Filipino girl on that show,” she added.

Bonifacio was introduced last week by Netflix with a sneak peek of her character, Star Vixen, doing a dance-off against Cheryl Blossom (Petsch).

She auditioned for “Riverdale” while she was in Canada, during the first stretch of the coronavirus lockdown.


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