Airspeed: 4 decades of freight service

Airspeed is a freight forwarding company which just keeps on growing in the past thirty eight years and intends to remain as one of the country’ leading freight service providers.

Founder Rosemarie P. Rafael started with a small company and a workforce of six people.

Airspeed does not even have its own cargo weighing scale at the time and had to go to an airport to have clients’ parcels weighed in.

But from the onset, the company vision was to provide fast and efficient international delivery services.

For Airspeed, deliveries are more than just parcels. They are the backbone of business and people’s livelihoods.

Even in its early years, Airspeed serviced a wide array clients, including garment exporters catering to some of the biggest international retailers in countries like the United States.

Now, it employs over a thousand workers, owns a fleet of over three hundred vehicles and covers at least 97 countries.

Its clientele ranged from electronics, food businesses, retail, clothing and garments industries to zoos.


In the domestic scene alone, the biggest challenge of Airspeed was delivering in an archipelago of over seven thousand islands.

To hurdle this logistic nightmare, Airspeed made use of various modes of transportation to deliver goods to their destination safely.

Its comprehensive logistics system mafe use of land, air, and sea transportation to deliver cargo domestically and internationally.

It also helped that the company’s familiarity with the country’s landscape ensured deliveries can be made in almost every corner of the Philippines.

And now that everyone is going for digitalization, freight forwarding and logistics providers like Airspeed intend to harness new technologies to optimize their services for the future.

At present, Airspeed is gearing up to incorporate new practices, and technologies into its operations.

It is likewise expanding its online presence and services as the Philippines aspires to transform itself into one of the main trading hubs of Southeast Asia.

Freight forwarding has plenty of room for growth and Airspeed intends to continue to be at the forefront of the industry.

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