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Anti-divorce groups in Cebu City to hold mass actions vs measure

CEBU CITY – Anti-divorce groups here will hold mass actions to oppose the passage of the pro-divorce bill into law.

“Within the next two months, we will definitely do some concrete action, mass action, prayer rallies,” said Dr. Rene Bullecer, country director of Human Life International (HLI).


DR. Rene Bullecer, country director of Human Life International; Fe Mantuhac-Barino, chairperson of the Archdiocese of Cebu Commission on the Laity, and Ricky Abella of the Archdiocese of Cebu Commission on Family and Life oppose the divorce bill in a press conference in Cebu City on Wednesday, May 29. (Calvin D. Cordova)

Bullecer said the group’s lawyers are also ready to take legal action should the divorce bill be passed into law.

He admitted that it will be challenging for the Catholic Church to convince politicians to thumb down the bill but HLI is determined to fight it out.

“We don’t have the so-called Catholic vote. That’s why politicians are not afraid of us but we will ask our legal department if we can have a revote or recount,” said Bullecer in a press conference on Wednesday, May 29.

The Archdiocese of Cebu Commission on the Laity called out the lawmakers who voted in favor of the pro-divorce bill.

“We want to make this public that we in Cebu, the cradle of Christianity, are against this bill. The Commission will tell the people to remember those who voted for the divorce bill,” said Fe Mantuhac-Barino, chairman of the commission.

Barino said divorce is no longer needed in the country due to existing legal remedies such as legal separation, annulment, and declaration of nullity of marriage.

“Marriage is a sacred covenant between a man and a woman, established by God. It is a sacrament, a visible sign of God’s grace. Divorce violates the sacred bond, nullifying the permanence and indissolubility of the marital union,” said Barino.

The Archdiocese’s Commission on Family and Life also opposed the divorce bill.

“That’s why we have mediation centers for those couples who are going through some challenges. The key is to always open the communication lines instead of just resorting to divorce right away,” said Ricky Abella, coordinator of the commission.

Bullecer explained the difference between divorce and annulment.

“A couple can legally be annulled but you can’t remarry until the Church nullifies the marriage. You cannot remarry in Church if there is no declaration that the Church marriage was null and avoid,” said Bullecer.

Bullecer said divorce “will open the Pandora’s box that will destroy the family.”

He questioned how the more than 100 lawmakers who voted in favor of the divorce bill came up with their decision.

“You are called representatives. You represent your people. The question is, did you have a consultation if the people are in favor of divorce? Because I’m sure 99 percent of the people, especially in Cebu which is known to be the most religious province in Cebu, are against it,” said Bullecer.

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