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‘Anxiety-free future’: Sharon Cuneta shares benefits of life insurance

MANILA, Philippines — When you are a parent, even if you are as financially secure as, say, actress-singer Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan, you still worry about the future.

“Nag-aalala ka dahil nagmamahal ka (You worry because you care),” said the Megastar on her latest vlog for the Insular Life (InLife) Dreamweaver Series.

“My life still has its ups and downs, but, generally, I have been really fortunate. And while most of you will see me as an accomplished individual, believe it or not, I still have my own share of worries. I still worry about my kids, my husband, my family, which is just normal,” the mom of KC, Frankie, Miel and Miguel said.

Some of these worries can be summed up in the acronym, S.A.D., which stands for sickness, accidents and death/disabilities. Sharon reminded viewers that these are inevitable and it is only natural to be worried about them.

Finding certainty in an uncertain world

“But there is a way to free yourself from these worries, and it’s called life insurance. Just a small trivia from someone born in the '60s, noong araw ang tawag namin sa insurance ay seguro, which is a Spanish word meaning ‘sure’, or, in Tagalog, tiyak,” the actress said,

She pointed out that having life insurance guarantees that your loved ones are taken care of if something happens to you — as it covers everything from replacing the income and financial support that you provide your family with to assistance in paying for funeral expenses.

Benefits of life insurance

The multi-awarded actress, host and singer proceeded to explain that life insurance is a policy or plan that one pays for on certain periods of time and that its lump sum will be received by the policyholder’s beneficiaries when one passes away. Its benefits can be summed up in the following:

  • It can support the family in case of the breadwinner’s sudden demise. The death benefit can help maintain the family’s standard of living and keep them financially stable.
  • It can be used to pay off the policyholder’s outstanding debts, like mortgages, car loans and credit card payments.
  • It can help with estate planning, as it can secure the value of one’s assets and easily transfer it to his/her loved ones when the time comes.
  • It can also secure a policyholder’s business in case of sudden death, as it can cover his/her business obligations.

Life with no worries

“The real value of life insurance is that it gives you peace of mind. It frees you from the anxieties you have about the future of your loved ones should any of the sad uncertainties happen to you. It’s your hakuna matata, a life with no worries, and not worrying means you can focus on living your life to the fullest, and making more happy memories with the people you love,” she said.

The Megastar, together with her daughter Miel Cuneta-Pangilinan, are proud Dreamweavers for InLife, a Filipino-owned life insurance company. As Dreamweavers, they are helping amplify InLife’s mission of helping Filipinos lead ‘A Lifetime for Good.’

“As an InLife Dreamweaver, it is my privilege to share with you that InLife has flexible life insurance coverage options, depending on your budget, your preferences, and your needs. They have policies with guaranteed cash payouts, meaning you will get an amount for certain periods of time,” Sharon explained.

InLife also has policies with an investment component for people who want to grow their premium policies made for a fixed time period and for a lifetime.

The Megastar’s previous vlog about health and financial wellness and her latest about insurance can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/@SharonCunetaNetwork and www.insularlife.com.ph.

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