Anyare?: The ivermectin hype and FDA’s response

MANILA, Philippines — Experts around the world are still working hard to find a cure for COVID-19, but some say that they have found one: A cheap, antiparasitic drug called ivermectin, commonly used in veterinary settings.

But the evidence supporting its use for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 is still thin and experts recommend against using it for this purpose.

This guidance, however, has not stopped the hype surrounding the drug — so much so that some politicians fervently pushing for the use of the drug against COVID-19 have pressured the Food and Drug Administration to approve it.

Join James Relativo as he dishes out the hard truths on ivermectin and discusses what happens when people in power undermine the authority of a regulator together with health reform advocate Dr. Tony Leachon and's health reporter Gaea Katreena Cabico.

Catch this episode of Anyare? this Sunday, 8 p.m., on's official Facebook and YouTube accounts.

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