Barbie, David snag Japanese gluta and skincare endrosement

David Licauco and Barbie Forteza — the day’s trending television love team known as 'FiLay' — with Ishin’s Shirleen and Mario Miguel Bautista.

David Licauco and Barbie Forteza — the day’s trending television love team known as ‘FiLay’ — with Ishin’s Shirleen and Mario Miguel Bautista.

It is always a pleasure to write about a friend or colleague's success, and much more so when their beloved children are the ones who've earned the limelight.

I'm talking about the son and daughter-in-law of veteran showbiz scribe and columnist Tito Mario Bautista who was also a one-time Entertainment Editor of The Manila Times when I was starting out as an assistant in Lifestyle.

Congratulations are in order for young couple Mario Miguel Bautista and his wife Shirleen [I believe — and hope — they're my age or thereabouts] who, over the pandemic, successfully built what is now a multi-million distribution enterprise of quality Glutathione and skincare range from Japan.

Thanks to proud papa Tito Mario's regular Facebook posts on the hard work these two had put into their brand Ishin, the Entertainment press corps were witness to the well-deserved success story of MM and Shee, who are IT experts by profession but now run a very lucrative enterprise whose products not only makes people healthier and more beautiful but also significantly better the lives of their loyal distributors across the country.

The couple revealed at Ishin's victory party-cum-launch of celebrity ambassadors [more on this later] that they had long been interested in distributing a good glutathione brand in the Philippines, knowing full well of its health benefits besides skin brightening effects.

It's worth mentioning this history because it shows the hard work MM and Shee are willing to put in when they believe in a concept or product.

“We started distributing a gluta brand 15 years ago at ibang klase ang hirap noon. Paano kami nag-po-promote? Nag-pi-print kami ng flyers tapos kami mismo ang nag-didistribute bahay to bahay. I remember one time, 500 ang pinamigay naming flyers. Out of 500, dalawa lang ang tumawag sa amin,” said the articulate son of Tito Mario.

The young couple with dad, veteran showbiz scribe and columnist Mario Bautistale-with-dad

The young couple with dad, veteran showbiz scribe and columnist Mario Bautistale-with-dad

“Doon kami nagsimula kaya gusto kong mai-share ito, kasi it has come full circle for us [after opening this company in October 2020], with so many faces supporting Ishin. Ngayon namamayagpag ang online marketing and we are truly blessed!” MM added gratefully.

Of course, MM and Shee pointed out that success in this highly saturated beauty industry all begins with a product of excellent and efficient quality.

“We are proud to say po that Ishin has passed international standards. The full range is FDA-Approved, Halal and ISO Certified, GMP Approved and HACCP Certified,” informed Shee, who later on in the interview couldn't stop tears of joy not only for the success of their company but the heartening stories she continues to receive from distributors.

Without needing to say it, Shee spelled out that the second key to success is good intentions and not just profit-making.

“Hindi ko man po ito napaguusapan or pino-post sa social media pero napakalaking bagay po yung maka-kuha kami ng messages lalo na nung pandemic na halos hindi na nila ma-i-enroll ang mga anak nila, pero nagawa pa rin nila dahil sa Ishin. Or nakabili sila ng jeep para ipasada dahil sa Ishin. It's such a blessing to have a business that really helps other people. Yung hindi lang kayo yung nag-gro-grow pero sabay-sabay kayo.”

To put all this success into perspective, that same-day launch of the day's hottest television love team, Barbie Forteza and David Licauco, as Ishin brand ambassadors, is all a skeptic needs.

Barbie and David, of course, play Klay and Fidel in the top-rating GMA soap, “Maria Clara at Ibarra,” and everyone knows that celebrity endorsements equate to megabucks, the more famous the personalities are.

“Iba nga talaga 'yung kilig nung wife ko dito sa tambalan ng 'FiLay' [the fans' portmanteau for the duo] at siguro marami din na ganoon ang nararamdaman,” MM blew his giggling wife's cover.

“Pero nung na-meet namin talaga sila, without a doubt, they really resonate with our brand,” he added.

Shee explained, “Yung image kasi ni Barbie sobrang innocent tapos ang ganda. Alam mo 'yon, kahit mag wear siya ng swimsuit, she still looks innocent. Napaka angelic ng face at ng overall look niya,” said Shirleen.

“Si David naman parang mukhang Korean sya. Nung nag sta-start kami ng brand, naghahanap talaga kami ng Korean oppa tapos si David nga lagi ko silang napapanood ni Barbie. Kaya apart from kilig, sabi ko pwedeng pwede siya mag carry ng brand namin.”

The grounded celebrities couldn't be more grateful to the Bautistas for choosing them to be Ishin's representatives, especially since the endorsement is their first since Filay became the hit that it is.

“Sana masundan pa,” quipped the lovely Barbie, who has certainly evolved into a knock-out beauty.

As for the proudly Chinoy David, who runs businesses himself, including a Korean restaurant, he just didn't find Ishin's range of products effective in helping him look his best despite lacking sleep from taping, but is also inspired by MM and Shee's story.

“Nag start sila nung pandemic 'di ba? So parang same ang pinagdaanan [namin in business and ako as baguhan sa showbiz. Hard work talaga ang katumbas that's why very inspiring for me ang story nila.

Log on to Ishin's official Facebook page, and Instagram and TikTok accounts for detailed information on where to purchase its products.

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