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We have another skincare and makeup brand on our shores!

Y.O.U Beauty, with the acronym meaning “Youthful,” “Outstanding” and “Unique,” is finally gracing us with its presence, establishing its line of promising skincare and makeup products on Philippine soil.

Its Philippine introductory skincare products include the Radiance White series that consists of five products: Purifying Facial Foam, Essential Toner, Nourishing+ Serum, Advanced Day Cream and Active Night Gel.

This writer did not waste time in trying out these products. For reference, my skin type is normal to oily with the latter being more dominant. I also have texture on my forehead, cheeks and under the eyes.

Radiance White Refreshing Toner.

Product review

The first step to a proper skincare routine is cleansing and Y.O.U. Beauty made sure to provide this essential step through the Radiance White Purifying Facial Foam.

It claims to be deep pore-cleansing, hydrating and brightening, highlighting ingredients like Niacinamide for skin tone improvement, Vitamin C for brightening and Tremella Extract for skin regeneration.

It has Glycolic Acid (AHA) for anti-aging benefits.

The first time I used the cleansing foam was when I wore makeup the whole day which I had already removed prior to cleansing. I made sure to leave a light residue to really test the deep pore-cleansing aspect of the skincare product.

It did not disappoint.

I’ve tried cleansers that stripped off the moisture on my face but the Radiance White Purifying Facial Foam left my skin feeling fresh and clean yet supple and full of life.

Also, the squeeze bottle should make it easier to get every ounce of the product once it’s almost out.

After cleansing, toners should be used not only to get rid of lingering dirt on the face but also to refresh the skin.

Radiance White Nourishing+ Serum.

The Radiance White Refreshing Toner also carries most of the ingredients used on the facial foam but with Hyaluronic Acid that, when combined with Glycolic Acid, will “help retain moisture, reduce redness and keep skin healthy and bright,” according to Dr. Monica Michel, founder of SOMA MD, in an article from

It also has Allantoin and Bifida Ferment Lysate with lactic acid for skin regeneration and anti-aging, respectively.

While my skin already felt moisturized from the facial foam, the toner was an added boost.

My face absorbs the product quickly so I have no worries of dirt sticking on my face.

As the facial foam and toner have cleansing properties, cascading of nutrients on the skin should be the next step.

The Radiance White Nourishing+ Serum has 50x Vitamin C, 5-percent Niacinamide, Tremella Extract and Probiotics that serves as brightening agent and strengthens skin barrier.

The active ingredients work its way in my skin and its effects is visible.

It’s now on the top of my list because of the good effects on my skin — it softened my texture and is slowly but surely healing the bumps under my eyes.

As for the packaging, I have a love-hate relationship with droppers because it could be cumbersome when the size of the fluid drop in the pipette gets smaller as the remaining liquid decreases. But the gel-like consistency makes it more convenient for me once I’m almost done with it.

Finally, the Radiance White Advanced Day Cream and Night Gel that serves as the lock of all the previous products (which is typically done by a moisturizer but this line doesn’t have one).

The ingredients in the day cream include Tremella Extract, 10x Vitamin C and SPF 35 PA+++.

In my opinion, sunscreens are the most important skincare product because it’s the sun rays that are the harshest on our skin.

The SPF 35 PA+++ kind of put me off because I am accustomed to products that have at least SPF 50.

Other than that, I am still in love with the product because it does not make my skin so oily and it brightens my complexion.

It has a faint sticky feel which is also makes it a nice makeup base.

The packing is also commendable because it makes it easy for me to get the recommended amount when applying sunscreen.

Meanwhile, the night gel is heaven-sent.

The first time I used it, I woke up to a fresh and bright face which is really a rare occurrence. I also felt its firming effect.

It’s fast absorbing which lessens the possibility of pillow or bed germs sticking to the face.

Overall, the Radiance White Series is promising and perfect for the Filipino skin.

It’s also a great addition to one’s skincare regimen and one of the best sets for those who want to start their skincare journey.

Kérastase Genesis Scalp Serum.

Hair matters

It’s always tag-lagas season when it comes to my scalp and it seems to have no end because of how thick my hair is.

It’s frustrating because of hair falling everywhere I go and alarming because of the big clumps I gather when I get out of the shower.

This is why I consider the Kérastase Genesis Scalp Serum my life saver.

According to the product description, there’s a 97 percent chance that it will lessen hair fall due to breakage from brushing, and I can attest to that.

The manufacturer’s instructions say to use it for six weeks but in my five-day trial, there has already been some visible improvements.

Key ingredients include Ginger Root which stimulates hair growth and strengthens the roots; Caffeine which suppresses the hair loss hormone; and Arginine which supports strong blood flow to the roots of the hair cells.

I’m still on my journey to having a stronger and healthier scalp and I will definitely bring the Kérastase Genesis Scalp Serum along the way.

Watch out for Y.O.U. Beauty’s and Kérastase’s 9.9 deals on its official stores on varous e-commerce platforms and participating retail stores.

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