Bedroom Artist Gets Out of Comfort Zone

VISUAL artist and De La Salle -College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts Architecture student Brian Razon.

isual artist Brian Ilustrisimo Razon was three years old when he first learned to hold a brush.

However, for 15 years, his creativity was boxed within the four walls of his personal space. Brian called himself a bedroom artist, someone who stayed within his comfort zone.

‘Only Fans’ by visual artist Brian Razon.

As time passed, he began reading history books, writing poetry, immersing in the words of Edgar Allan Poe and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

In addition, he ventured into drag.

“I love dressing up. I have sewn clothes, styled wigs, did make-up,” he said.


Brian, now 21, mused: “Being a bedroom artist is highly dependent on emotional and mental stability. It is to forget about the outside world. I was hiding because I did not have the confidence to show others what I could do and I kept my work to myself.”

A turning point came when he finished a painting he called “Only Fans,” about his love for Japan and fascination with the beauty of the skin.

“Only Fans showed the other side of me, all bare and naked,” he said.

The painting, which Brian considered the most daring piece he has created, drew attention and thousands of engagements when he uploaded it on social media.

‘PORTRAIT of a couple.’

It gave him the courage to break down barriers and take his craft more seriously.

“I’ve hidden away from judgment, but I suddenly realized that I would not grow if I stayed here — my room had enough of me playing safe,” he said.

From having a few requests from friends, he started to accept more commissioned portraits, landscapes and conceptual paintings.

He also took another big leap: study architecture at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts. Although he passed the entrance exam, it took him three attempts to get in — on scholarship.

“I am fascinated how inclusive Benilde is,” he said. “The students have so much confidence and are very much appreciated. I felt the connection and knew I belong there.”

Meanwhile, he had to fend for his family. He created art pieces as a source of income. He likewise recalled working as a customer service representative.

“It wasn’t an easy start, but I am proud that my artworks saved my family. I was able to provide most of our needs during these trying times,” he said.

Now, beyond the four walls of his room, Brian is an architecture student and visual artist.

He plans to join art competitions and group exhibitions, and hopes to collaborate with fellow artists.

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