Bela Padilla moves on in life and love in ‘366’

Bela Padilla

Bela Padilla

How does one move on after a heartbreak? How long does it take to live life again? Viva Films will try to answer these questions with “366,” a film about love, loss and starting life and love anew. The latest offering is also the directorial debut of Philippine Cinema's Queen of Hearts Bela Padilla.

In “366,” a woman named June (Bela Padilla) has 365 days to move on with the heartbreak of losing Pao (JC Santos), her ex-boyfriend. Her neighbor, Marco (Zanjoe Marudo), suggests they do things that June and Pao have never got to do and agrees to be her proxy-boyfriend. Soon, they learn to move forward in life and in love… one day at a time.

Actress, writer, and now adding to her many titles, director Bela Padilla is one of the most sought-after actresses of this generation, and has worked across different platforms and genres over the past 14 years.

Her passion for storytelling and drama has led her to outstanding and unforgettable acting performances in films such as “Camp Sawi,” “I America,” “Luck at First Sight,” “100 Tula Para Kay Stella,” “Meet Me in St. Gallen,” “The Day After Valentine's” and “On Vodka, Beers, and Regrets” just to name a few, thus earning the title “Philippine Cinema's Queen of Hearts.”

The same passion also led her to writing critically-acclaimed scripts for films like “Camp Sawi,” “10000 Hours,” “Fangirl Fanboy,” and “Luck at First Sight.” And now, she gets the chance to showcase her limitless creativity as she acts, writes and directs for the movie “366.”

Helping Padilla is the prolific film and TV director, Irene Emma Villamor, who serves as the Creative Producer for “366.” A close friend and a colleague to Padilla, she has devoted all her knowledge in creating well-loved romance movies and she makes sure that Padilla's vision of the film is effectively translated onscreen.

According to Padilla, she was inspired to write the story of “366” after traveling to Maldives and learning about the story of a Filipino couple challenged by fate. This made her wonder what it feels like to be in the Filipina's shoes and how will she move on. Padilla said that “366” is her take on moving on in life and in love.

“It's hard, but it is possible one day at a time,” she shared.

Catch another exceptional acting, and be one of the firsts to watch the directorial film debut of Bela Padilla in “366” beginning April 13 on Vivamax Plus and April 15 on Vivamax.

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