Belinda Racela: Woman of energy

BELINDA Racela leads a team of women through their work in upstream energy.

To be a woman in the field of science is inspiring, but to lead more women to excel in the discipline is exceptional. This has been UC38 LLC. president and asset manager Belinda Racela’s lifelong commitment — to empower women in the energy sector while bringing power to Filipino homes.

It was a mixture of fate and boldness that brought Racela to helm a company with a significant role in the country’s energy sector.

She started her science career as a professor at the University of the Philippines — Institute of Physics.

After five years of teaching, she discerned that the best place for her to thrive was outside of her comfort zone.

Gathering all the courage and support that she needed, she pursued a career in energy business as a reservoir engineer until she became head of the company managing interests in one of the country’s biggest energy sources, the Malampaya gas field, now leading an all-woman team. “It just worked out this way,” she said.

Nurturing leader

In an interview with TribuneNOW’s Spotlight hosted by Dinah Ventura and Pocholo Concepcion, The UC38 president highlighted the importance of collaboration to fill the gaps in the country’s energy security.

“It’s a collaboration of everyone else. People in the energy sector should not be fighting with each other and help the government meet the energy needs,” Racela said.

She explained that the gap is getting wider and said: “We really need to think and act with urgency to address our energy security.”

Doing her part to help navigate the Philippines toward energy security, Belinda uses her nurturing instincts to take care of the power facilities because it will take a decade and huge capital to build new ones.

“I need to take care of it and nurture it as it grows, together with the rest of our partners,” Racela explained.

The mother of two also boasts of the Malampaya team’s collaborative effort to augment the energy security in the country.

SHE started her energy sector career as a reservoir engineer. / Photographs courtesy of GLUEUP

True inspiration

Her exemplary service in her company and to the public is invigorated by her aspiration to better the lives of Filipino people.

“It’s knowing that I have a part in lighting one out of three bulbs in the whole country. Knowing that you are improving the lives of people even without them knowing it,” she said.

This inspiration, with her fighting spirit, is what keeps Racela going in addressing energy security problems through conservation and collaboration.

“The ultimate goal is to actively and significantly participate in the government’s aspiration to meet the energy demand where and when it is needed,” Belinda remarked.

And serving as a true inspiration to the future generation of women, she said: “To the young women out there, come join us in the fight for clean, sustainable and reliable energy in the Philippines. We are made for this.”

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