Best foods to pair with whisky

CHEF Christopher Ho crafts recipes to suit Black Label whisky. / Photographs courtesy of Johnnie Walker

Even though the holidays are over, perking up your day with a shot of whiskey blended with mouthwatering dishes should be a regular treat. Sure, a taco-dip combination would suffice, but it’s 2021 and you certainly have to revamp your drinking escapades.

Highly-acclaimed Scottish whiskey brand Johnnie Walker asserts that those with a taste for exquisite food pairings should try its Blue Label variant featured in a four-video series called “The Pursuit of Flavors.”

Helmed by self-taught chef Christopher Ho (@ho_la_ho_sik), the video series explores the art of blending that suits the award-winning flavor of rarely-crafted Blue Label.

First of his inaugural two recipes is “BZF” Porchetta, a roasted crispy skin porchetta stuffed with chicken livers and mushrooms.

The savory hit of this dish goes well with Blue Label’s rich spice with surges of vanilla sweetness and honey. The roasted-skinned porchetta also goes well with the unique malty experience of the whiskey variant.

GLUTEN-FREE ginger chocolate cookie apt for the strong and fruity whisky flavor.

Second of his recipes is ginger chocolate cookie. This sweet piece is a heavenly accompaniment to the rare character of Blue Label that renders both strong and dried fruity notes.

While pairing a pastry is not ideal for many, this cookie will give a pleasant surprise that anyone would crave for because it hints at a velvety dark chocolate and rounded smoke flavors.

These are only two of Chef Ho’s interpretations of pairing diverse dishes with the remarkable signature taste of Johnnie Walker’s Blue Label.

While the dishes may sound like a selection in a fine dining resto menu, whisky fans will be ecstatic to know that the recipes can be done in the comfort of their own kitchens.

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