Beware the droplets


The Covid-19 virus has been known to be transmitted through contaminated droplets in the air. A single cough produces up to 3,000 droplets that can still thrive on any surface over time.

It makes sense to block every harmful particle from coming into contact with the nose and mouth, which is why wearing protective masks is among the top three health protocols to avoid infection.

Not all masks are made equal, however, so one must choose one that works effectively. CopperMask is known for its droplet-catching, bacteria-dissipating powers. Unlike other masks, it does not simply filter the virus but rather, deactivate and kill bacteria and viruses.

Built with millions of infused copper strands and a non-woven fabric layer of protection, CopperMask acts like a shield between the user and the infected person.

Any saliva and nasal droplets that contain the virus and land on the film are killed due to its natural antimicrobial and antiviral properties, disabling the particles from clinging onto the mask for less than four hours. It also helps reduce the risk of Fomite infection.

CopperMask is designed to make the user 100 percent protected and comfortable, with its user and skin-friendly materials and breathable and unique airway design. Its non-woven fabric filter is washable up to two times and can be used up to three times. This is not for medical use or setting. For more details, visit

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