Boutique satellite provider targets underserved areas

With a quarter of 110 million Filipinos still without internet, local tech startup Quicksilver Satcom Ventures (Quicksilver) wants to serve far-flung areas using satellite technology.

With financing from social impact venture capital fund Ignite Impact Fund (Ignite) and government endorsement as a satellite provider, Quicksilver styles itself as a “boutique connectivity firm” using various connectivity solutions depending on what the geographical area requires.

“Any sort of economic development or investment management outside urban areas has to do with connectivity, which is why we started Quicksilver years ago,” said Director Vinci Roxas.

Their mission is to work with local governments as well as private clients to set up service areas, and then help leverage internet connectivity into greater economic development.

“Once you set up connectivity, you can do online banking, microfinance, and ecommerce,” he pointed out.

“The local businesses can connect to the local economy, and then you can do things like imports and exports. It’s connectivity as an enabler for economic development.”

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