Boy Bondat warns public to avoid EDSA-Orense area with an empty stomach!

Boy Bondat has the all-time favorites that you are longing for.

Boy Bondat offers an affordable franchise opportunity and authentic filipino dishes.

If you happen to drive along EDSA, we advise you to avoid the EDSA-Orense area with an empty stomach. You might just be one of the many that gets all excited of mouth-watering photos or videos up on billboards.

Some chanced upon this one billboard that made most commuters (if not all) drool over this delectable dish.

The said Boy Bondat billboard created a buzz along EDSA when this Filipino food franchise giant showed off three of its well-loved, all-time favorites which are: BoyBondat Beef Pares; Regular Sisig; and Spicy Sisig.

There was indeed no need for an applause for successfully putting up Boy Bondat’s billboard since the sound of growling, hungry stomachs filled that area along EDSA instead – coming from the commuters. It’s as if it was all that Boy Bondat needed to hear as a sign of support from the public.

Boy Bondat always offers these authentic Filipino dishes that are usually served during special occasions, memorable celebrations, or any local festivals. These sought-after and top-notch comfort foods are indeed bursting with flavors and are simply irresistible!

Experience the tender meat with aroma and flavor that would make you ask for more.

Even from a distance, when looking at Boy Bondat’s billboard along EDSA-Orense, one could almost taste these best-selling dishes.

True to its promise of serving only fresh ingredients, Boy Bondat is pleased to tell Filipino food lovers that it has NO MSG and no artificial flavors in all its dishes. Beef Pares is available in 450-gram packs; while the Regular and Spicy Sisig are being sold in 300-gram microwaveable tray packs.

Make sure to order online via, so there’s no need to feel your stomach growling again along EDSA-Orense!

Dahil mabo-Bondat ka talaga sa sarap with BoyBondat!

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