Bren switches roles in Work Auster Force Sweep; Blacklist surprises with Aldous pick

Bren Esports fulfilled its promise to be a bit playful for the remainder of the MPL regular season after it secured a spot in the playoffs.
While the draft looked familiar, the defending MPL champion made some changes in the roles played by KarlTzy, Lusty, Ribo, FlapTzy, and Pheww when they shook things by letting Ribo play Hayabusa to win Game 1.
They turned to Benedetta, Popol and Kupa, Chang’e, Khaleed, and Chou the next game as Work Auster Force tried to even the match with Mathilda, Pharsa, Lapu-Lapu, Claude, and Hilda.
Three-man ganks told the story of the early game as both Bren and Work scored 3 kills each in four minutes.
The M2 World Champion added five more kills to the board 3 minutes later and was ahead on turrets destroyed 3-1
Bren took lord at the 14:30 mark sending 4 Work heroes back to base in the process leaving Pharsa alone to defend the map. Bren pushed hard, leaving just the final turret on the middle and bottom lane.
Another team clash at the 22:00 mark saw Work lose 4 heroes, paving the way for Bren to make a game-winning push to end the series. Lusty’s Popol and Kupa was key in team fights, ending the match with a 3-3-17 KDA.
The win notched Bren to the top three spots of Group A with a 6-5 standing and 18 aggregate points. Work, meanwhile, sits in the second spot with a 7-5 record and 21 aggregate points.
Blacklist International seems to share the same experimental mindset for the rest of the season as displayed against Omega Esports earlier in the day.
Frustrated he was made to play Granger in previous appearances, Wise turned to Aldous in their sweep dominant sweep of Omega Esports. Blacklist now holds a 10-1 standing, sitting atop Group B with 27 points on aggregate.

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