BTS gives pandemic message for Filipino ARMY

BTS gives pandemic message for Filipino ARMY

MANILA, Philippines —BTS calls on their fans, the ARMY, to challenge themselves, find their purpose, and stay healthy amid the pandemic.

They are also quite excited to be able to perform for their fans again as soon as it is safe.

The seven-member boy group sent their thoughts and messages, particularly to the Filipino fans, last April 22 during the reveal of Smart's "Live Your Life With Purpose" campaign.

Be smart

Jin and Suga both recognize the value of living life through careful decisions. Jin, in particular, noted that by being smart has led to positive and happy results for him.

"Smart decisions have always been important to us and it seems to have produced good results to us. Let’s be happy everyone. I will encourage you so you can only walk the path of happiness!" he shared.

Suga agreed and added his wish for good health for most: "It's a smart decision if you think about it carefully when you make a decision. Year 2021 has started everyone. I hope that everyone stays healthy this year so we see you at the concert hall."

Find a sense of purpose

Smart decisions are amplified with a sense of purpose. J-Hope and Jimin both agree that living a life with purpose is a wise advice to give.

"The simple fact is that when you have a purpose you will have a reason for life and it becomes your driving force. Since you’re born in this world, I think challenging the world with a sense of purpose is one of the important factors to enjoy life!" J-Hope pondered.

Jungkook agreed and added a sound advice, "First of all, it would be nice if you had a clear purpose but first of all I hope that you will think about and judge your realistic environment and do what you need to do, one by one."

Jimin added a little introspection and an astute reminder about the beauty of life — that the world is vast and not all will be able to experience what life has to offer. Thus, he sees the idea of setting a purpose in life.

"I think life is a wonderful thing. Even before we die, there are so many things in the world that we cannot experience all. So, wouldn't it be nice to have a purpose, to see and enjoy a lot of things, and sometimes to enjoy the life?" Jimon rhetorically posed.

He then addressed the Filipino ARMY. "Dear Filipino Army. I hope my heart can reach you and thank you for always supporting us. We look forward to seeing you soon."

Challenge yourself

Further adding to the conversation was V, who dared their fans to challenge themselves. BTS has had its fair share of challenges especially when it was still starting its journey as a group.

Through perseverance and hard work, they've broken and reached one milestone after another — among them is a historic feat by being the first South Korean act to be nominated at the recently concluded Grammys.

"Challenge yourself! No matter how many times you fall, don't give up. Challenge yourself to break a big wall in your life," V stressed.

Stay healthy.

Amid all the life lessons and tips, BTS kept reminding the public to look for themselves especially during the pandemic. After all, taking good care of oneself is the best form of self-love.

"Stay healthy and be happy! That's the most important. Until the day when the corona ends soon and we come to see you in person! Peace!" J-Hope shared.

"I'll be rooting for you. Please stay healthy," Jungkook chimed in.

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