‘Buti na lang ang ganda ko!’ Julia Barretto’s viral math moment triggers flood of ‘Same!’

Julia Barretto reacts to being corrected by Marco Gumabao on her math computation in the latter’s YouTube vlog. YouTube: Marco Gumabao

MANILA — Math skills or beauty?

The latter appeared to be the greater preference of netizens in their playful comments, as a clip of actress Julia Barretto’s math mistake made the rounds on social media on Monday.

In the video, Barretto is seen with her close friend, actor Marco Gumabao, as they discuss the prospect of guesting their fans in their respective YouTube vlogs.

Barretto computed that having two fans each, plus the two of them, would total four individuals in the planned episode.

“Two from my fans, two from yours, so apat tayong mag-iinuman,” Barretto said.

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Gumabao was quick to correct her, saying that the total is actually six, because the count includes them.

“Simple math, Julia,” Gumabao quipped.

Momentarily composing her thoughts, Barretto could only laugh, adding in jest, “Buti na lang ang ganda ko!”

The video, cut from Gumabao’s December 26 vlog, was uploaded on Twitter by user @JasonDaRuler with the caption, “I can relate on a spiritual level.”

Within hours, the video already fetched nearly 300,000 views, some 8,000 retweets and quote tweets, and over 25,000 likes.

i can relate on a spiritual level pic.twitter.com/3ISsD0lIZT

— Jason R. Arneson (@JasonDaRuler) December 28, 2020

“Same, Julia, same,” was a common comment on the video, with some saying they would readily choose “beauty” over being a math whiz.

Others complained, in jest, about lacking Barretto’s “redeeming quality” of being physically attractive, to make up for being mathematically challenged.

This isn’t the first time Barretto has gone viral for having a relatable “problem.” In 2019, her candid statements about opting for nipple tapes, as opposed to wearing a bra, gained traction among women online.

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