Camille Prats and Rica Peralejo on choosing best home furniture

Camille Prats and Rica Peralejo highlight their role as a mom to be alert and well-informed with regards to buying quality household items for the home.PHOTO BY JOHN ORVEN VERDOTE

Plastic chairs, tables and drawers are often used in Filipino households. Regardless of size, layout, and design preference, these must-have essentials have proven their importance to furnish and transform a space into a functional, conducive place that can be easily redesigned whenever needed.

In an event celebrating the 30th anniversary of plastic furniture brand Uratex Monoblock, celebrity moms Camille Prats and Rica Peralejo shared some tips to consider in choosing the right furniture, especially with growing families like they have.

Sustainability. “Kapag naghahanap ako ng gamit, it begins with what I need for the moment. You'll feel it when you have growing kids. So I first look at the season of family, what we need for the moment and also, how durable is it because for me, I'm practical,” shared Peralejo who has two kids with husband Joseph Bonifacio.

“Kapag maoutgrow na, dapat mabenta pa ulit or may resale value. That's true because any durable product has resale value. Mas sustainable siya,” she added.

Durability. “It's important to be practical especially because I have two growing toddlers so yung bahay namin ngayon, very prone to sulat, dumi. Para sa akin importante na yung gamit namin sa bahay, kahit na anong gawin ng mga anak ko, okay ako. We're the kind of family that we just let our children do whatever,” Prats, who is raising four kids with husband VJ Yambao, mentioned.

“Ang pinakamagaling magsubok ng kahit na anong produkto, kung gusto niyong subukan ang durability ng mga bagay, pagalaw niyo sa mga anak niyo. Kapag hindi nasira yun, very good talaga yung quality,” she added.

Maintenance. Having kids means having to deal with untidiness. For Peralejo, she always wants to pick furniture that of easy to clean or maintain.

“May selection process na din ako kung gaano kadali or kahirap linisin. When we select something, it's about the brand and how sustainable is it in your home,” she said.

In celebration of their 30th anniversary this year, Uratex Monoblock launched the “Bawal ang Marupok” campaign with Peralejo and Prats. Their goal is to educate and equip the market on how to be keen and discerning when it comes to investing in plastic chairs and avoid marupok or brittle ones that can potentially harm them. One of the ways that the brand emphasized is to check the warning label to see if the chair has Philippine Standard certification and recommended seat load capacity for safety and assurance.

Moreover, the campaign aims to highlight the brand's ongoing thrust and purpose to nurture and protect its consumers by providing top-notch quality products that are not just ergonomic in design, but are also durable and will stand the test of time.

“Monobloc chairs have been a Filipino household staple, but I agree that not all are made the same. I really agree with their campaign, bawal talaga ang marupok. It's really an invitation for every Filipino home to give importance to products that are safe and durable,” Prats concluded.

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