Casa Bella opens home to ‘Dis/Order’

Art communicates through many forms, connecting people differently and evoking emotions through the senses. These may be present via art sculptures and even through furniture design — both of which can work together to fill up an inhabiting space.

This is where the magic happens when an artist and a visionary work together to create a cohesive area filled with objects bursting with creative designs. Such was the scene when visual artist Jinggoy Buensuceso's works caught Casa Bella's Stephanie Coyiuto's eyes.

“I would see his works in my good friend's homes,” she shares. “When I reached out to him, we realized that we had the same passion in connecting people to a world of design through different methods.”

Visual artist Jinggoy Buensuceso

Visual artist Jinggoy Buensuceso

Coyiuto has always been fascinated with museums and the arts. An art lover and collector herself, she and her husband Joseph wanted to offer another venue for artists to showcase their works. And there's no better place to host one but at their very own Casa Bella.

“Celebrated designers of our furniture are also artists and sculptors, such as Ron Arad, who has designed pieces for Moroso. Thus, it seems like a great idea to invite a celebrated Filipino contemporary sculptor, Jinggoy Buensuceso, to collaborate with Casa Bella for an exhibit,” explains Joseph.

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For Buensuceso, he has always been interested in finding new venues to showcase his artworks.

“Casa Bella is a great stage for my art to be imagined in people's homes,” he quips. “Doing this collaboration with them and the Casa Bella team makes me feel so welcomed and part of their family.”

Taking inspiration from the universe, the collection is made with multiple folds using powder-coated metals—a material that Buensuceso is long familiar with. Entitled “Dis/Order, the collection is “all about the infinite folds of the universe and how we are all deeply connected to it.”

(Above and below) 'Dis/Order' is all about the infinite folds of the universe and how we are all deeply connected to it,' says the artist, with his works incorporated here with Casa Bella's pieces.

(Above and below) ‘Dis/Order’ is all about the infinite folds of the universe and how we are all deeply connected to it,’ says the artist, with his works incorporated here with Casa Bella’s pieces.

“The universe is forever evolving and unfolding in an infinite sequence, presenting us with unfamiliar landscapes. This repeated occurrence becomes therapeutic to our body and soul such that this seemingly disrupted reality slowly becomes our chrysalis, our cosmos,” Buensuceso further explains about this 24-piece collection.

It took a year for him to complete the exhibit giving everything he had to each piece. “Solidifying a concept, executing it into a tangible piece, and finding the right balance of mind, heart, and soul is my biggest challenge. It's about overcoming the uncertainty of how materials will work with the concept and putting your story and soul in every piece.”

The culmination of this collaboration saw an evening of celebration and thanksgiving, where Casa Bella put Jinggoy Buensuceso center stage with his works strategically displayed in the Jupiter Street, Makati showroom.

Casa Bella invited interior stylist Glenn Cuevo to create exceptional vignettes where Buensuceso's artworks are spotlighted throughout the store.

“I want them to feel their deeper connection with the cosmos and realize that they are made of stardust. They can traverse any door and rediscover their existence,” ended Buensuceso

Dis/order opened on November 25 and will run until December 18 at Casa Bella, 8 Jupiter St., Makati.

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