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Work your plan

As we enter 2020, many of us begin with resolutions that we hope to improve our way of life. Our hopes are directed to new things, new opportunities and new goals geared toward improvement. However, in as much as all this sounds exciting, nothing can be fully achieved without proper …

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2019 saw broad-based protest movements in nearly every part of the world. In our neighborhood, the Hong Kong protests seem as intense as when I started midyear. We entered the New Year with the US Embassy in Baghdad under such intense siege from protestors the diplomatic staff needed to be …

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Passing through the Hong Kong-Macao bridge

Hong Kong/Macao — One of the reasons why we left Cebu for Hong Kong is to celebrate my wife’s birthday last Sunday and to spend our New Year’s celebration for the first time out of Cebu City. The reason why we’ve always stayed in Cebu in all my years until …

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Online cheers

Of the New Year’s messages I read on the Internet, here are two that touched me to the core. The first is the speech by Queen Elizabeth on the 40th anniversary of her succession (Annus horribilis). I quote portions of her speech. She said, “1992 is not a year on …

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Fighting for our children

As I look towards the future, I find that I have found inspiration for my first column of 2020 from the heroes of my generation. It is during its darkest period of history, that our nation has produced its greatest heroes. From the struggle against the Spanish colonizers we saw …

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The European Green Deal

Do we, humans, want to continue living well and safely on this planet? Humanity faces an existential threat – the whole world is beginning to see. Forests burn from America to Australia. Deserts are advancing across Africa and Asia. Rising sea levels threaten our European cities as well as Pacific …

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