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Five sisters in Greece

MANILA, Philippines — Greece was the unanimous choice for our five sisters’ traditional bonding trip. This country’s incredible natural beauty and mind –boggling artifacts of an unbelievable ancient civilization exceeded our expectations. Sisters traveling together appears to be an oddity. People we have met during our travels have a distinct …

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Eat Pray Golf

Diaries of the sisterhood of pilgrim golfers MANILA, Philippines — Four courses and seven cathedrals ago, the Sisterhood of Traveling Golfers, conceived in Tagaytay Highlands and dedicated to having fairway fun, cruised the French and Spanish Rivieras to craft another golfing narrative. After ticking off St. Andrews, the Mecca of …

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WATCH: Iloilo-Antique-Boracay pilgrimage tour

MANILA, Philippines — Holy Week or not, Visayas offers a welcome respite for anyone into soul searching or simply wanting to escape the city’s daily grind. For those looking for unique travel experiences that can turn into a spiritual journey, Iloilo and Antique offer less-crowded churches, pilgrimage spots, and UNESCO …

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A divine favorite: Puglia, Italy

In the areas of beauty and bounty, Italy is superlatively overweight. (Conclusion: God must be — at least — partly Italian.) A case in point: Puglia (or the Apulia region) in the southeastern side of the boot — the heel and the “spur” — is caressed by kilometers-long, cobalt-turquoise Mediterranean …

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Like the cedar, Lebanon stands tall

I had always wondered why the cedar is described as ‘standing tall’ – until I went to the Lebanese Republic last December and finally understood why. Cedars are extraordinarily tall trees that thrive in the desert. They are sturdy and firm. Somehow, I couldn’t help noting the remarkable connection between …

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‘Mountain tourism’ launched in Camiguin

MAMBAJAO, CAMIGUIN, Philippines — Camiguin’s chains of volcanoes, especially Mt. Hibok-Hibok, will once again be on the radar of adventure seekers as the provincial government, the Department of Tourism-10 (DOT-10) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-10 (DENR-10) launched “Climb Camiguin” as a way of promoting the province as …

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