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Isn’t it time the internet started acting its age?

Analysis The web is turning 30 this month. But according to some experts, we’re still treating it like a teenager. World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee poses with European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) director general Fabiola Gianotti during an event marking 30 years of World Wide Web, on March …

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What is killing Sable Island’s horses?

Researchers are conducting necropsies on Sable Island's unique feral horse population to learn what causes them to die. Horses have roamed Sable Island since the 18th century.(Philip McLoughlin) A team of researchers that has travelled to Sable Island for the past two years to find out what causes the horses …

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Facebook launches AI to find and remove ‘revenge porn’

Facebook is rolling out technology to make it easier to find and remove intimate pictures and videos posted without the subject's consent, often called "revenge porn." Facebook says it will start using AI to automatically detect revenge porn. It has largely relied on people proactively reporting the content up until …

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